steel frame buildings


The need for ample storage space is a pre-requisite in many residential properties across the country. But, industrial and commercial facilities manufacture various products on a large scale. This is why concrete and steel warehouse construction is vital for any industrial or manufacturing unit. Large storage facilities will be able to accommodate both, the raw materials as well as the finished goods. In addition, owners of such facilities will require sufficient space for housing their large and heavy machines too.

Similarly, some small and midsize business owners need storage space for an assortment of reasons. These business owners might not have the budgets to afford massive and expansive warehouses and storage facilities. To meet their needs, these individuals lease self-storage space from various industrial property development companies. But, designing and constructing such massive steel frame buildings is not easy.


Get Comprehensive Support from One of the Leading Industrial and Commercial Construction Companies

A growing business needs storage facilities that can stand the test of time. But, without an experienced and reputed builder, you cannot expect to get a cost-effective and structurally sound warehouse construction project underway. Chappell Building Systems has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. During this time, we have designed, constructed and delivered numerous projects to our clients. From warehouses with crane access to mining structures, we have earned accolades for the satisfactory conclusion of all our projects.

Giving our clients a hassle-free and superlative experience is our forte. Unlike other builders, we offer comprehensive project management services. So, you won’t need to fret over designs and plans that require the approval of the local councils and authorities. From concept to completion, we will take care of everything. This includes the final working drawings, engineering, council & local authority submissions, construction, interior designing and landscaping. Our superlative levels of service and dedication have made us a name to reckon with in the steel and concrete panel construction sector.


What Kind of Storage Facility Are You Looking for?

When it comes to warehouse construction, we have handled several projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Our prefab steel buildings are versatile enough to suit the needs of businesses in the industrial, commercial and retail sectors. We can offer you custom-designed storage structures, which you could use as:

  • Factory space
  • Showroom space
  • Storage units for farming equipment
  • Steel buildings that are large enough for housing your crop dusting planes and helicopters Barns, hay sheds and stables
  • Machine shops
  • Metal workshops, metal storage sheds, gardening sheds, home offices, art studios, woodworking shops etc.
  • Aircraft hangars including T-hangars, glider storage units etc.
  • Mini or self-storage facilities – This includes steel warehouse construction projects such as:
    • Climate controlled self-storage facilities
    • Boat and Recreational Vehicle (RV) storage facilities
    • Single storey self-storage facilities and,
    • Multistorey self-storage facilities
  • Garages and carports
  • Storage facilities for dry goods, equipment, heavy machinery etc.
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Ventilated chemical storage units
  • High bay warehouses and,
  • Storage buildings for housing your rigging cranes, earthmovers, forklifts, fleet trucks, bulldozers etc.


Concrete or Steel Frame Buildings Are Great for Meeting Your Storage Requirements

At Chappell Building Systems, we erect structures made from precast concrete and pre-fabricated steel. These materials serve to speed up the construction process, without compromising on the quality and solidity of the structure. Precast concrete comes in an array of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. It offers increased levels of strength and durability. At the same time, it features various fireproofing and security features that make it a material of choice in the field of commercial and industrial building construction.

Similarly, steel warehouses and storage structures offer various benefits too. These facilities:

  • Are almost indestructible
  • Require minimal levels of maintenance
  • Are faster to erect
  • Provide effective protection from high winds, lightning, fire, earthquakes etc.
  • Are not susceptible to damage from moulds, mildew, termites etc.
  • Age well and,
  • Are easy to expand in the future, similar to storage structures featuring concrete panel construction


Chappell Building Systems has your best interests at heart. After all, any structure that we erect for you is by extension, a visible testament to the quality and durability of our work. This is why we leave no stone unturned to give you a perfect warehouse or storage facility. This ability to go the extra mile has made us one of the top warehouse and commercial builders in Sydney.