commercial steel buildings - retail showroom


Online shopping (or e-commerce) is here to stay. The number of people shopping online continues to increase each year. Despite this, it is worth highlighting that conventional brick-and-mortar stores and retail outlets aren’t going anywhere. These stores continue to hold an important position in the shopping mix. They help you increase the visibility of your brand. They enable you to engage with your target market. Unlike online stores and billboards, brick-and-mortar stores appeal to all the five senses of your customers.

Consumers who know what they want will invariably shop online. But, for the confused or unsure, finding what they require online can become an endless search. In contrast, retail showrooms and stores can provide the guidance such individuals need. These retail facilities provide an experience that is both unique and unforgettable. As a result, many business owners are hiring commercial building builders to set-up more retail stores and showrooms.


We’re the Pros at Providing Comprehensive Construction Showroom Project Management Services

Chappell Building Systems has over 20 years of experience in the construction sector. We have established our brand by providing flexible industrial and commercial building services. We specialise in precast concrete panel construction. In addition, our steel frame buildings that abound throughout Eastern Australia are testament to our skills, competence and experience. Unlike other construction companies, we have immense experience in designing retail and commercial facilities. Not surprisingly, our clients value us for delivering functional buildings with unique design features.

Working with various commercial construction companies over a project is seldom easy. Differences of opinion and delays in projects will invariably arise over the course of any building construction project. To counter this, we give our clients comprehensive project management services. From the initial design to the delivery of the project, we handle every little aspect to spare you any hassles and inconveniences. We treat each project as our own. Given our high levels of involvement and dedication in each project, it is hardly surprising that the structures we erect have a distinctive edge from others in the vicinity.


We Can Deliver Any Type of Retail Facility that Your Brand Requires

The retail sector is an industry known for its rapid levels of growth. Fast moving sales and inventory typically characterise such facilities. In this scenario, you will need to have the means for constructing new facilities in the least possible timeframes. But, figuring out the designs and layouts in any construction showroom project can be difficult. With Chappell Building Systems, this is not a challenge. Our prefabricated commercial steel buildings are easy to erect. As such, you could start using your new facility in even lesser time that you had initially imagined.

Over the past two decades, we have successfully delivered to our clients, retail projects involving the construction of:

  • Fast food outlets, restaurants and cafes
  • Big box retail outlets and shops
  • Steel buildings for use as strip malls and strip plazas
  • Suites in flex and / or tech buildings
  • Retail centres and business facilities
  • Standalone megastores and showrooms
  • Recreation buildings and facilities
  • Single-storey supermarkets
  • Steel warehouse-type constructions for use as distribution centres
  • Mixed-use retail facilities and showrooms
  • Superstores and supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Exhibition halls
  • Wholesale halls
  • Retail facilities for use as furniture stores, sanitary stores, sports stores, DIY stores etc.
  • Garden centres,
  • Manufacturers’ outlets and,
  • Inventory storage structures


Why Our Prefab Steel Buildings Are So Popular in the Retail Industry

Retail stores are commercial buildings that enable customers to purchase products from a merchant. As such, these facilities will need to be spacious and practical. But, if your outlet or store isn’t attractive or appealing enough, you will hardly find customers making a beeline for it. Business owners typically want retail facilities or structures that suit their needs perfectly. In addition, they want facilities that are cost-effective and durable. Most importantly though, they want structures that reflect their style and their brand values perfectly. The retail steel buildings that we design and erect at Chappell Building Systems will incorporate these features. Moreover, they will be:

  • Visually appealing
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Functional
  • Easy to maintain and,
  • Easy to expand for meeting future needs

In addition, our retail facilities and showrooms feature:

  • Large, column-free open spaces
  • Innovative designs that are easy to fit into any property, including irregularly shaped plots
  • Parapets and fascia that hide the roofline, while displaying any signage that you might want to install
  • High levels of energy efficiency
  • Premium-quality materials that minimise your maintenance expenses
  • Non-combustible or fire-resistant materials to enhance safety levels and,
  • Single-slope commercial steel buildings that facilitate the drainage of water away from the entrances

Your retail store or showroom is not merely a place for transacting business. It is also a place that characterises or showcases your brand. Naturally, you will want it to be as compelling and attractive as possible. With us, you can expect to receive structures that yield maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Not for nothing are we one of the premier commercial construction companies in Eastern Australia.