Industrial building construction


The average person might feel that commercial buildings are identical to industrial ones. But, business owners and industrial building construction companies will never make this mistake. Commercial facilities will usually come into use for a diverse range of applications such as banks, schools, corporate offices etc. But, they will need to incorporate design layouts and features that suit their staff and visitors alike. In contrast, industrial properties will usually not cater to any visitors such as customers. Hence, the layout will invariably be as simple and practical as possible.

Naturally, such facilities will require ample storage space for storing their raw materials and finished goods. In addition, they will require sufficient clearances and obstruction-free passages for accommodating large machines and equipment. Lastly, the design of these concrete or steel frame buildings will need to be flexible too. Well-designed factories and manufacturing units not only make it easier to expand the facility when needed. They serve to meet the ever-evolving needs of the business owner as well.


The Experts in Industrial Building Construction and Property Development 

Chappell Building Systems is a name to reckon with in the field of industrial and commercial building services. We offer design and construct services tailored to suit your needs. We know that the needs of each business owner vary. As such, building a manufacturing plant or a retail outlet will involve paying keen attention to the characteristic needs of each business entity.  This is where we put our experience and knowledge to good use.

Our industrial buildings and warehouses with crane access will invariably feature building materials such as precast concrete and pre-fabricated steel. These materials enable us to give you uniform and high-quality products. More importantly, they help in ensuring faster completion of projects.

The use of precast concrete and pre-fabricated steel in your structures will not only hasten construction timelines. They will maximise building security, while generating savings too. Not surprisingly, our innovative and efficient approach has made us one of the leading steel frame and concrete panel construction companies in Australia.


What Industrial Structures Do You Require?

Over the past two decades, we have successfully delivered to our clients a wide range of industrial projects comprising:

  • Industrial building construction projects including industrial parks, welding units etc.
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing units and facilities
  • Wholesale and distribution centres
  • Recycling centres
  • Garage workshops and storage facilities ideal for storing light vehicles
  • Heavy lift hardstands suitable for aircrafts
  • Wash-down bays with trolley systems of hoses and wands that enable multiple users to clean heavy equipment and vehicles simultaneously
  • Petroleum outlets ideal for fuel, gas, air and lube facilities
  • A diverse range of equipment storage facilities including warehouses with crane access
  • Workshops for accommodating all kinds of heavy machinery
  • Liquid containment tanks
  • Industrial cooling towers
  • Steel buildings suitable for using as pulp & paper mills
  • Site offices
  • Logistics centres
  • Weighbridges
  • A wide range of commercial development structures including purpose-built projects and,
  • Various industrial warehouse construction projects ideal for housing various industrial processing facilities, food & beverage facilities, industrial estates etc.


How Our Industrial Property Development Capabilities Can Benefit You

Our staff possess years of experience on industrial buildings. This is why we can give you the best solutions in terms of maximum building coverage and loading / unloading etc. Moreover, we understand the building process thoroughly too. As such, we can give you the best guidance related to the buildings code, its interpretations and implications etc. This is why we’re one of the top industrial and commercial construction companies in Australia.

We can assist you with:

  • Planning and site selection
  • Designing the facility based on your specifications and requirements
  • Understanding the current codes and regulations
  • Understanding the prevalent Fire Codes
  • Ascertaining the maximum building coverage
  • Identifying the best rack layout for the warehouse and,
  • Obtaining environmental and quality assurance certifications


At Chappell Building Services, we believe in using our industrial unit and warehouse constructions to forge lasting relationships with our clients. Hence, we do not merely look at erecting structures for you. Instead, we provide a holistic approach towards designing and building a structure that you will be proud of. With us helming your project, you can expect nothing less than a hassle-free experience as you watch your dream take shape.