With each successive generation in Australia, the need for quality education increases. A good education can give a person a solid foundation for life. However, just as each person needs quality education to succeed in life, educational facilities need spacious and sturdy steel buildings to provide a conducive environment to their students and staff.

Educational facilities typically tend to be large and spacious. This is imperative because they often cater to hundreds, if not thousands, of students at a time. As such, the facilities will need to promote the efficient movement of its staff and students. In addition, it will need to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for students and teachers alike. However, not many commercial construction companies have the ability to erect such massive facilities. Some might not even have the experience needed to design efficient layouts for these learning facilities. This is why the owners will need to pick their construction company wisely.


The Specialists in Steel and Precast Concrete Construction

Chappell Building Services has a track record of excellence of two decades in the successful delivery of all kinds of building projects. We specialise in providing comprehensive project management services. So, from the initial designing phase till the completion of the structure, we will be at your side to oversee the progress of the project. As a leading provider of commercial steel buildings in the country, we will not only assist you with the engineering and the various submissions to the local authorities. We will help you with the interior designing and landscaping as well.

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) are a cost-effective way for many educational facilities to utilise the space available on their properties. However, such projects invariably take a lot of time when built in the conventional manner. At the same time, these projects can be quite expensive too. To counter this, we typically use precast concrete and pre-fabricated steel for erecting structures that are tough and long-lasting. These materials also help in bringing down construction times and maximising building security. Our diverse range of experience in constructing functional structures tailored to suit the needs of clients makes us one of the top educational and commercial building builders in Australia.


A Diverse Range of Learning Facilities for You to Choose From

When it comes to projects involving educational building construction, it’s best to pick an established and reputed builder. At Chappell Building Systems, we can give you any kind of learning facility or educational structure that you require. Based on your requirements and the space available, we could give you structures with steel or concrete panel construction that could serve as:

  • Early learning centres
  • Early years family support or child health clubs (with playgrounds and adjacent care facilities)
  • College trade training centres
  • Primary and nursery school facilities
  • COLAs
  • College senior boarding facilities (including accommodation, toilets, showers, washing areas, common areas, sickbays and caretaker’s facilities)
  • Multi-purpose halls featuring roof covers, stage, storerooms, court markings for various ball-related sports, toilets and covered walkways
  • Libraries
  • Refectories, cafeterias and canteens
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Amphitheatres and auditoriums
  • Secondary school facilities
  • Universities
  • Administration buildings and offices with canteens, parking spaces, concrete pathways etc.
  • Classroom facilities
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Kitchens
  • Gymnasiums
  • Multi-purpose structures (including the construction of workshops, storage space, kitchen & dining facilities etc.)
  • Assembly halls
  • Steel buildings to serve as ports halls and sports centres
  • Science and computer laboratories
  • Locker rooms
  • Lecture theatres
  • Staff rooms and,
  • Tech rooms


The Benefits of Opting for Precast Concrete Construction for Your Educational Facility

Many centres of learning and academics have benefited by opting for precast concrete structures. Builders typically create these products offsite in controlled environments. This helps in creating products that are consistent, standardised and durable. Not surprisingly, these attributes are essential when constructing educational facilities. Structures featuring precast concrete panel construction will typically offer:

  • Reduced timeframes for construction and delivery
  • Better levels of sound attenuation, and acoustic insulation which would make classrooms quieter and better suited for the imparting of knowledge
  • Superior levels of fire resistance and corrosion protection
  • More versatility regardless of whether you want a classroom or a boarding facility
  • Higher levels of safety for students and staff alike
  • Enhanced levels of strength and durability to withstand extremes of temperature and the harshest weather conditions
  • Sturdy frames that can withstand high wind loads just like our prefab steel buildings
  • A variety of finishes and colours that can make the structure complement your existing surroundings and buildings
  • Compliance with the prescribed health and safety regulations
  • Structures that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Classrooms that are more comfortable and score high on aesthetics and,
  • Long spans and flat soffits that facilitate the movement and location of demountable partitions and the relocation of more permanent internal partitions


As an educational institution, you know that people flourish in an optimal learning environment. Similarly, as a top provider of building construction services, we know that our skills and tailored capabilities can help you meet your objectives by giving you a structure that addresses all your requirements. Building an educational facility requires an experienced team for meeting the needs of the staff, the students and the parents. With us helming your project, you can expect a structure that enhances your reputation as a premium provider of education and learning.