Industrial Building Construction Projects Require the Right Steel Components

industrial building construction


Steel is increasingly becoming the material of choice in commercial and industrial building construction projects. In particular, the use of prefab steel is fast coming into vogue. Prefabricated buildings are stronger than regular ones. In addition, the use of prefab steel hastens the timeframes for completing structures. The use of prefab materials minimises the labour requirements during the building process. In conjunction with the speedier construction timeframes that the use of prefab materials offers, it is easy to understand why prefab steel buildings save time and money for all the stakeholders.


What Primary Framing Materials Should You Use in Your Industrial Building Construction Projects?

Building any structure is a complex process. Using prefabricated steel serves to simplify the process. The primary frame of a steel structure comprises the beams and columns that form the walls and the rafters for the roof. This skeletal structure provides the framework for the rest of the building. Builders often use I-beam style frames when designing such structures. However, the use of tapered beams enhances the strength of the building with its open span construction. In prefab steel buildings, the use of columns and beams helps in the construction of wide buildings with internal columns. Single slope welded rigid frames are ideal for areas where drainage restrictions pose a challenge. Similarly, welded tapered beams maximise floor space because of their straight sidewalls.


An Overview of Secondary Framing Materials Used in Prefab Steel Buildings

The secondary framing provides components to which the builders can attach the metal wall panels. It also includes framed openings that are necessary for the doors and windows. Secondary framing materials typically comprise girts, purlins and eave struts. Girts refer to the spanning members for the wall panels. They enhance the strength, stability and the vertical load support for the walls. Purlins play a role similar to that of girts. However, they are the spanning members that enhance the strength and rigidity of the roof. Similarly, eave struts join the roof and the exterior walls. They usually act as the first roof purlin or the highest wall girt.


What Fasteners and Bracing Do Builders Typically Use in Steel Structures?

Industrial building construction will inevitably involve the use of various fasteners. These fasteners will help in assembling the various components of the structure. From nuts & bolts to screws, each kind of fastener has a place in the pre-drilled holes of the frame. The use of bracing helps builders ensure that their structures can meet higher than normal wind loads or seismic loads. Most bracing will create a diaphragm. But, the use of rod, angle or cable bracing could help in supplementing the diaphragm capacity.

Whether you want to build an educational facility or a warehouse, rely on the experts at Chappell Building Systems. We are a top commercial builder. We specialise in commercial and industrial building construction. For more than 20 years, we have successfully delivered a variety of projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Check out all our services here.


Steel Warehouse Construction – What Kind of Trims Do You Require?

steel warehouse construction


There’s little doubt that steel warehouses offer a myriad of uses. Unsurprisingly, steel warehouse construction projects have been witnessing a steady increase over the past few years. However, constructing such a structure invariably involves thinking about an array of details – such as the trims.


The Importance of Trims in Steel Warehouse Construction

People wanting to build steel warehouses on their super fund investment property will need to consider the kind of metal trim they require. Metal trims direct water away from the structure, thereby protecting it. Moisture will usually enter a structure wherever two roof panels meet and form an intersection, a valley or at the edge line. The ingress of water could damage the insulation and the steel. By placing trim on the roofs, you could prolong the life of your structure significantly.


What Are Ridge Caps (or Ridge Rolls)?

Ridge caps and ridge rolls are among the most common trims used in steel warehouse construction. Builders install the ridge cap at places where two rising roof surfaces meet. Ridge caps can make superb additions to the sloped roof of your steel structure. They protect from moisture. In addition, they finish the junction where the roof comes together at the summit of the slope. Some builders even integrate these caps with ridge vents to enhance the energy efficiency of the structure.


An Overview of Gable (or Rake) Trims

Gable trims denote finishing pieces of metal flashing placed along the edges of the roofline, where the edge of the roof panel meets the end-wall panels. Oftentimes, builders constructing a warehouse on a super fund investment property, use gable trims wherever sloping edges end. The joints where the roof panels meet the end-walls require protection against moisture. This is especially so against wind-driven rains. Moisture could lead to the proliferation of moulds and leakages. Repairing these leaks could be costly. Without the flashing, water might begin to accumulate beneath the roof panels. Over time, it could percolate into the interior of the structure.


What Are Eave Trims and Wall-to-Roof Trims?

In steel warehouse construction projects, builders install eave trims at the edge of the roof panels. Eaves refer to the overhanging edges of the roof over the sidewall panels. The eave helps direct water away from the walls and windows. Eave trims can also redirect the rain run-off away from the fascia. This is why builders install them at the lowest edges of the roof. Wall-to-roof (or transition) trims are common in residential structures where attached garage walls join higher walls of the main house. They create a finished look at the juncture of the roof edge and the taller wall panels that are adjacent.


For building projects that are a perfect assimilation of tradition, innovation and performance, simply think of Chappell Building Systems. For more than 20 years, we have successfully delivered a number of commercial, industrial and retail projects. So, when you want to construct a manufacturing plant or a distribution centre on your super fund investment property, reach out to us. Send us your enquiry here.


Steel Frame Buildings: Protecting Your Building from Rain

Steel Frame Buildings


Now that your building is completed, the next thing you’ll need to do is protect it. There are many things that can damage your newly built steel frame buildings, one of which is rain and moisture. So here are some tips to help protect your building from the detrimental damages of rain.



You should make it a point to check the gutters on your steel frame buildings at least once a year. The more frequent you can do this checkup, the better.

You’ll want to make sure that there are no breakages along the rain gutters. These breakages, when not fixed, can cause rain water to run down through the steel frames. You’ll also want to clear any debris that may obstruct the flow of water in the rain gutters. If these obstructions aren’t cleared, they may cause rain water to accumulate in the rain gutter.



Leaks in the roof can have negative effects on the integrity of your steel frame buildings. They will cause the steel to develop rust which then weakens the steels used in the building. Aside from negatively affecting the building structure, it may also affect the items stored in the building.

Leaks in roofs can be pretty easy to spot, especially during the rainy season. This is because a hole in the roof will cause the water to drip right down to the floor. In this case, you’ll want to get the leak fixed right away to prevent it from causing further damage. Although most leaks can be fixed by a handy person, calling a professional to do the repairs may be a better idea to ensure that the leak is fixed properly.


Tree Branches

Having trees around your steel frame buildings can help to improve its appearance. It also helps to soften the industrial look of the building. However, during rainy seasons, these trees may end up doing more harm than good to your building.

For instance, fallen leaves may collect in the slopes or gutters of the roof, eventually causing a blockage in gutters. Also, when rains are accompanied by strong winds, the tree branches may sway and crash against the building’s walls. Lastly, there are cases when large trees fall down onto the building and cause significant damage to it. This is especially true if the tree’s wood is sick or dead. In this case you’ll want to have the tree cut down.

And to ensure that your steel building is capable of withstanding the detrimental effects of rain and moisture, you’ll want to make sure that the building is built using excellent quality materials and workmanship. If you are looking for industrial building construction experts that use high quality materials and employ exceptional workmanship practices, just get in touch with us. You can call us up at 02 4959 3000 or leave a message in our contact page.


Steel Warehouse Construction: Benefits of Using Steel

Steel Warehouse Construction


Warehouses can be constructed using a variety of materials, steel being one of them. But what exactly are the benefits of steel warehouse construction, and it is worth the investment?


Strength and Durability

In general, the components used in steel warehouse construction are lighter than concrete-based or even some wood frame structures. Despite the lighter weight, they can be very strong and durable, provided that the materials used are of excellent quality. Likewise, the kind of craftsmanship that went into the construction process should pass or eve exceed industry standards. Quality in both materials and construction methodology, as well as regular maintenance practices, will ensure that your steel structure will last you for a reasonably long time.


Flexible Fabrication Processes

The steel which are used in steel warehouse construction can be fabricated or manufactured in a variety of sizes. There are also some manufacturing companies who can fabricate steel components according to their clients’ specifications and requirements. As such, some steel components can be customised in order to bear specific loads in buildings or other structures. This gives the property owners and their architects and engineers more flexibility when it comes to designing their building.


Fire Resistance

Compared to wood, structural steel are naturally more resilient against fire. Therefore, unlike wood frame structures, steel frame structures are less likely to suffer from damages brought about by fire hazards. Of course, the structure will still suffer some form or damage; however, it won’t be as severe as the damages incurred by wood frame structures. In addition, there are some flame retardant coatings which can be applied to steel to enhance its fire resistant properties.


Pest and Insect Resistance

One of the biggest problems of many property owners of wood- or concrete-based structures are pests and insects. Burrowing insects like termites and others can severely damage the wooden frames of properties and structures. However, this should never be a problem with steel frame structures since steel is naturally immune to the degrading effects of these pests and insects. That is why many property owners prefer to employ steel warehouse construction in order to benefit from this particular advantage.

If you need steel warehouses or other commercial construction projects done, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at 02 4959 3000. You can also leave a message in our contact page. Either way, one of our experts will be on the other end to answer your questions and acquaint you with our other services.


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Commercial Builders Sydney: Top Questions To Ask A Prospective Commercial Construction Company

industrial property development


Are you about to meet a prospective commercial construction company? If yes, read the following frequently asked questions that according to commercial builders Sydney will help you find a dependable contractor for your industrial property development project.

Question #1 – What is your area of expertise?

Every commercial construction company has its expertise. For you to gauge the capability of the prospective contractor ask their background in industrial property development as well as past projects completed. Based on commercial builders Sydney point of view an experienced construction company will be happy to present clients the compilation of their past and current projects to showcase their expertise and credibility in the preferred area. Keep in mind, not all commercial construction companies handle various building projects. Some are only focused on the construction of commercial spaces such as malls, buildings and stores. It’s essential that the chosen contractor exhibits broad knowledge in the industrial property development to get the most of your investment.

Question #2 – Can you provide me an estimate of the project cost?

As you get a chance to discuss your industrial property development project ask the prospective commercial construction company an estimated cost breakdown of the project. According to the representative of commercial builders Sydney any contractor must disclose clearly the expenses that will arise at any phase of the project. They should be able to provide together with their bid a rough computation of all expenses from procurement of materials down to the hiring of sub-contractors. If the prospective commercial construction company cannot provide an estimated project cost, then, look for another contractor.

Question #3 – What is the expected turnover of the completed project?

An experienced contractor can already give you an idea of how long an industrial property development project will be completed. They should be able to provide you a schedule of each phase of the project from initial planning, preparation of the job site, purchase of construction materials, delegation of work and final finishing. The expected turnover date must be realistic on your end because any delay will be a huge loss on your end.

Question #4 – Do you have strict safety measures?

Construction sites are among the places that high risk of physical harm or damage to property may arise without any warning. This is why it is important that your prospective contractor has strict safety measures among their team to prevent incidents of accidents. Your chosen contractor must give you a clear picture on how their team works such as the use of special tools and equipment that will reduce the percentage of falls, trips and other physical injuries while at the construction site.

Question #5 – Can you provide me a written proposal?

Most top performing commercial builders provide their client’s written proposals. A written proposal can be used as a reference on what to expect throughout the project from planning, preparation, budgeting and final turnover of the completed project.

There you have it some of the questions that you should ask during the private consultation with a prospective contractor. If you want to make sure you only work with the best commercial builders Sydney contact Chappell Building Systems.


How To Plan Your First Commercial Construction Project?

steel frame buildings commercial construction


Is this your first time to handle a commercial construction project? If you are a newbie builder and want to reduce the mistakes along the way, here are a few tips to help you get started the soonest possible time. A successful outcome of this initial construction project will be your ticket to more projects in the near future, so give it your best foot forward.

Tip #1 – Assess your options

The demands of your first commercial construction project can be truly overwhelming, especially if your client gave you the freedom to make the decision on the construction materials to be used. If the client wants fast turnaround of the project assesses carefully the options on materials. For example, steel frame buildings are easier and faster to construct as compared to traditional buildings made from lumber and concrete materials. So, to make things less complicated on your end go for the decision where you can maximize your productivity and zero out delays by ordering from a reliable manufacturer of pre-fabricated steel buildings.

Tip #2 – Get the necessary building permits

Every construction project will require the acquisition of building permit regardless it is for the construction of a residential or commercial space. Since you are new in the construction industry it would be a good idea to do research on the necessary permits that will allow you to start the commercial construction project. Remember, not procuring the permit required in your area or state may cause delays on the project.

Tip #3 – Seek professional advice from the experts

The successful outcome of this commercial construction project may need the help and mentoring of professionals like architects, engineers and financial advisers to ensure you are on the track of the project and manage the expenses modestly. If are still in the learning phase of the ins and outs of the construction industry, don’t hesitate to ask for the advice of the experts in various areas of the construction project. For example, when it comes to design and compliance with building standards the architects and engineers are the first people to contact to ensure the integrity of your first commercial construction project complies strictly. Same goes for budgeting the guidance of a financial adviser is crucial to prevent overspending.

Tip #4 – Stay involved

Even if you brought all the experts in your construction team it’s still important that you stay involved all throughout the project from planning down to completion. The bottom line is that you don’t lose track on what’s going on from every phase of this commercial construction project regardless you already decided to order pre-cast steel-framed for the building main foundation.

Tip #5 – Hire a project manager

Lastly, if you are too busy attending to other business matters vital to this commercial construction project better hire a project manager that will oversee the project progress. A dependable manager must reduce your responsibilities and at the same time be your representative when fast decision making is needed in your absence.

The success of your first commercial construction project depends on you, your team and the suppliers that will provide you construction materials. If you are inspired by the easy construction of steel frame buildings and would like to know more the designs and pricing why not check the official site of Chappell Building Systems. They have been in the construction industry for a long time, helping builders create top-notch buildings, both for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.


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Why Steel Frame Buildings Taking The Limelight In The Constructions Industry?

construction showroom


Over the past years, steel frame buildings have taken a big leap in the construction industry as we see more and more of this type of structure being erected. Many licensed builders have embraced the continuous advancement on the use of innovative construction materials that will adopt in today’s modern age. If you have upcoming building projects that require innovation here are a few things that will validate that steel buildings are trending.

Steel Frame Buildings have existed way back in 1796

Yes, the very first construction of building made from steel or what our past generation call “iron” was built in 1796 the Ditherington Flax Mill located in Shrewsbury England. After that series of construction projects followed such as the first skyscraper constructed in 1889 the Rand McNally Building in Chicago. From then on and until now many builders have been inspired to use excessively steel for their various building projects ranging from all-steel frame buildings, aircraft hangers, warehouse facilities including construction showroom units.

Availability of new designs

Steel frame buildings use the latest technology. With the use of latest technology, anyone can now enjoy a wide selection of new designs. Gone are the days when the steel buildings all look the same. But, now as technology influences every builder’s creative mind to come up with unique and rare designs the steel frame buildings have broaden. You might see a traditional barn being converted into a modern barn made from top quality steel framework or a residential house changing the structure of his or her garage into steel-framed. The availability of new designs is endless as long as the client is willing to accept this advancement in the construction industry.

Faster turnaround

The timeline of completion for steel frame buildings is faster if compared with the construction of traditional buildings because the materials used are already pre-fabricated at the manufacturer’s site before being delivered to their customers. Aside from faster turnaround, the construction of steel buildings can be less stressful if contracted by a reputable manufacturer of steel buildings.


This is one of the cost-effective ways to save money on a building project opting for steel materials rather than traditional materials that fluctuates such as the price of lumber. The prevailing prices of steel frame buildings have remained stable.

Extremely durable

Steel is known for its durability. So, if you want assurance that your building will provide you long years of service with little maintenance, then, opt for the suggestion of the construction showroom representative choose steel frame building.


Choosing steel frame building from wood constructed building can give you peace of mind that your investment is covered under warranty. Yes, most suppliers of steel frame buildings offer warranties. Why? They are confident that their steel frame buildings are designed and engineered to withstand any unforeseen event such as fire, earthquake or any natural calamity.

Allows modification

Lastly, if you have plans for future expansion steel buildings will allow modification to take place without having to tear down walls. The design and built of every steel frame building that you see at a construction showroom can be easily expanded and modified with additional steel panels to accommodate a new space or link another steel building. All these things can happen without having to worry about huge expenses.

For more ideas on steel frame buildings designs, cost and warranty coverage feel free to contact any of the representatives of Chappell Building Systems or visit their construction showroom to get a real feel of their projects.

Why Precast Concrete Construction Companies Collaborate with the Precast Manufacturer

precast concrete construction


Concrete is increasingly becoming a material that many people take for granted. However, it has somehow managed to work its way into several aspects of contemporary life. This makes it as ubiquitous as other materials such as plastic and petroleum. There is a high likelihood that the driveway in your property, the foundation of your house, the plumbing etc., all feature concrete foundations. Some people might feel that precast concrete construction is a relatively new development. But, this is not exactly right. Archaeologists believe that the Roman Emperor Hadrian had several tons of concrete quarried in Egypt and transported up the Nile and across the Mediterranean Sea. The Pantheon in Rome is the result of these efforts. Given the lack of technology and equipment prevalent in those days, constructing such a structure was quite a feat.


Commercial Construction Companies Often Work Extensively with the Precast Concrete Manufacturer

Many construction companies forge close relationships with their raw material suppliers. Working together on multiple projects helps foster a constructive relationship. In addition, the level of trust that builds up between the two parties often helps in timely completion of the project. This fact is even truer for precast concrete construction projects. Working in tandem helps each party understand their niche and working styles, which can only benefit the project.


Precast Manufacturers Can Offer Design Assistance in Challenging Projects

Many commercial construction companies highlight the benefits of using precast concrete panels. One of the biggest merits of using this material is that the production of these panels takes place in a controlled factory environment. As a result, the manufacturer monitors the mixing, pouring and curing of the panels closely. In onsite panel casting, prevailing weather conditions could affect the results. This is not a possibility in the case of precast concrete panels. Thus, panels featuring the same mix and method will undoubtedly deliver consistent and higher levels of quality. This aspect assumes immense importance in case the architect and engineer find themselves facing a challenging precast design. The services of a precast manufacturer could help in resolving all questions that might turn up.


Precast Concrete Construction Projects Will Improve Project Delivery Timelines Without Compromising on Quality

It goes without saying that manufacturers familiar with the overall project, who have also contributed during the design process, will produce better quality products. Close ties between the builder and manufacturer will improve communication levels and the clear setting of goals and expectations. This, in turn, helps in the precast schedule. This is because commercial construction companies can reserve production space further in advance. In addition, it also helps in the speedier delivery of the panels onsite, which will keep the project flowing smoothly. This will improve the overall construction schedule as well.

If you require new corporate offices or storage structures, depend on an experienced and reputed builder. Chappell Building Systems is one of the top commercial builders in Australia. We specialise in providing prefabricated steel and precast concrete construction services. Check out some of our projects here.


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How the Best Commercial Builders in Sydney Manage their Projects Smoothly

commercial builders in Sydney

Various commercial builders abound in Sydney and other cities in Australia. However, not all of them are equal. For instance, not all of these companies can handle largescale projects. Occasionally, if a building firm tries to bite off more than it can chew, the overall project could well be prone to delays and blunders of various kinds. This is why it is essential to pick your commercial construction companies with care. When you are investing thousands of dollars in a project, you will want a structure that offers you optimal value for your money. By selecting the wrong builder, you could well end up compromising your project as well as your reputation.


Top Commercial Builders in Sydney and Elsewhere Plan their Projects Really Well

Any project involving the construction of a commercial structure will be complex. It will be large and elaborate. For instance, a steel warehouse construction project might seem simple on paper. In reality, it will inevitably involve a myriad of details and elements. Without the services of an experienced planner, no company can expect to build a commercial structure smoothly. The planner will formulate a detailed plan that covers even the most intricate details. This plan eventually becomes the blueprint that enables the builder to complete the project on time, to budget and according to the desired standards.


Commercial Builders Work with Contractors Possessing the Right Credentials and Experience – Not Just the Cheapest Ones

A steel warehouse construction project will necessitate working with various contractors. To keep building costs as low as possible, some builders will typically select contractors quoting the cheapest rates. In contrast, quality commercial builders will not fall into this trap. Instead, they will usually ignore the contractors quoting the highest and lowest rates. They will look for contractors with reasonable rates. More importantly, they will ensure that the contractors they choose have the appropriate qualifications, expertise and experience. This ensures that the project does not end up becoming a disaster.


Experienced Commercial Builders in Sydney and Elsewhere Employ Efficient Onsite Management Staff to Oversee the Work

Commercial construction projects will invariably be complex. In addition, they will involve taking care of and managing hundreds of details on a day-to-day basis. This is why experienced builders will employ efficient and qualified personnel onsite for managing the progress of the project. Efficient onsite staff will ensure that the steel warehouse construction project progresses according to schedule. For this, they will communicate proactively and effectively with all the contractors and stakeholders. Thus, the material will reach the site before it becomes due. This eliminates delays. In addition, the onsite staff will build construction relationships with all the tradespeople and contractors. This eliminates potential problems well before they occur.

Chappell Building Systems is one of the top commercial builders in Sydney. We specialise in delivering quality structures comprising prefab steel and precast concrete. For more than 20 years, we have built long-lasting structures throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard. From industrial sheds to commercial shops, we can build them all. Click here for more details on our services.


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Industrial Warehouse Construction: Choosing Between Steel and Concrete Panels

industrial warehouse construction


Before the advent of advanced construction methods like steel and concrete panel construction, the industry was largely dominated by wood and traditional cement. Fortunately, modern materials and highly refined construction processes have made it possible to build awe-inspiring and durable structures in a short time and at an affordable price.

If you’re planning to start an industrial warehouse construction, building with concrete panels or prefabricated steel is probably your best option. Still not convinced? Let’s see what makes these materials a great option for businesses and which one would suit your needs better.


Steel Vs Concrete Panel Construction:  Which One Is Safer?

Concrete panel construction: This is probably the safest option for today’s businesses. In most industrial and commercial buildings, every crucial component is encased in thick concrete walls for efficient protection against a number of hazards including explosions.

Industrial Warehouse Construction using concrete panels can provide you a highly resilient structure that will stand the test of time. These buildings are exceptionally resistant to temperature fluctuations, fires and extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to use any additional material to fireproof a concrete structure. They already satisfy almost all the fire codes and other industrial building regulations.

Due to concrete panels’ strength, mass and practicality, concrete structures perform incredibly well in strong winds and they withstand the impact of storms and flying debris. If there’s possibility of seismic activity in your area, concrete panel construction can be easily engineered to provide high ductility.

Steel Construction:  By adding some fire protection, steel buildings can last a very long time without any major maintenance requirements. Steel is well known for its high ductility and strength which makes it a safe choice for areas that are prone to earthquakes.


Steel Vs Concrete Panel Construction:  Environmental impact

Concrete Panel Construction: Concrete panels are manufactured offsite. So, the time and energy required to manufacture and install these panels for your industrial warehouse construction are far lower than that required in traditional construction methods. Concrete panels can be reused in many cases, but otherwise they are crushed and recycled.

Steel Construction:  One of the basic advantages of steel is that it can be sorted out with the help of magnets from old structures. Therefore, more than 80 percent of steel can be recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials for industrial warehouse construction.

For more information, feel free to contact Chappell Building Systems today. As the leading specialists of concrete panel construction and steel buildings in Australia, we can also help you save time and money on your project. Visit Chappell Building Systems or call one of our experts at 02 4959 3000 now!


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