3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Warehouse Construction Efficiency


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Probably, the best thing about commercial steel buildings is that they can be easily expanded at any point of time to suit the growing needs of businesses. This unparallel adaptability of steel structures has made them the most preferred building technology available for warehouse construction today.  

There can be several reasons why you want to expand your warehouse or any other industrial facility for that matter.  These include accommodating new equipment, meeting new business requirements, improving manoeuvrability and so on.

So, how do you optimise your steel warehouse construction? Let’s have a look at some helpful tips from the experts who specialise in warehouse construction and commercial steel buildings.

How to Boost the Efficiency of Your Warehouse Construction Project?

  1.      Take Your Time: If not planned well, warehouse construction projects can often take more time than expected. The key to avoid any last minute surprises is to plan everything in great detail before embarking on a new project. For example if you want to create additional space for new equipment, make sure that you know how the new equipment works and how many workers are needed to operate it. This will help you allot the right amount of space to it.


  1.      Maximising Space: Space is the most important factor you should take into account while designing your warehouse. Make sure that you consider the square footage and whether it fits the needs of your business or not. The next step is to maximise the available space.  The easiest way to get the most out of your warehouse is to go for commercial steel buildings for your warehouse construction. Lastly, try to move your inventory as efficiently as possible. For instance businesses that do not hold their inventory for more than three months can utilize their warehouses better than the ones that are unable to move their goods as quickly.


  1.      Involve Everyone: Try to involve everyone from your organisation during the process of industrial property development.  Reputable construction companies like Chappell Building Systems conduct regular meetings with the owners and their employees to discuss major issues, so that necessary steps can be taken to fix them before it becomes too late.

Chappell Building Systems: The Leading Specialists of Commercial Steel Buildings!

At Chappell Building Systems, we specialise in a wide range of construction services including commercial steel buildings and precast concrete constructions. For more information on our services or to discuss your project, please feel free to contact our experts on 02 4959 3000 today!

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Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Gable Slopes May Work For an Industrial Property Development

industrial building construction chappell build


You have many choices to work with when getting an industrial property development up and running. Part of this includes working with a gable slope. The gable is a part of a wall that goes over the end of a pitched roof. You can use a symmetrical or unsymmetrical gable for getting this surface secured right. The gable design here is based on where the top part of the roof is located in relation to the rest of the building. You may get a taller gable ready in some cases.


First, you can look at how commercial construction companies can produce symmetrical roofing surfaces. A symmetrical gable will feature a ridged double slope layout. The ridge is in the middle part of the building.

This design produces an even surface all the way around. The production adds a better approach to the surface that is easy to assemble.


You can also use an unsymmetrical gable design on your building. This choice for an industrial property development works with a ridge on the gable being off-center. The gable will move from the end wall to the ridge on the roof here. The new arrangement adds a different design that may be useful if you plan on favoring one side of the building over the other.

Many commercial construction companies can produce these gable designs with the peak of the roof being as far to one side as the user wishes to use. You would have to look at the supports used on the longer side of the roof, so the surface does not become weak.

You should see how well your industrial property development is planned based on how the gable runs and how the building stands out well. Look at what Chappell Build has to offer as you look for an appropriate or useful space for your building.

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How Bay Spacing Works For Steel Frame Buildings

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The bays on a commercial construction project are vital to review in your space. A bay is a space between each column on the side of a steel frame building. A large bay will feature a wide space between the columns. A big space such as this allows you to add massive pieces of machinery into one of these steel frame buildings.

You must be aware of how the bays on your building are built out. Several points may be used to help you make the most out of your building and to get the construction you have always wanted to get:

  • Look at the total size of your commercial construction  projects.The bays may have to be spaced by the length or width of the space. The organization includes ensuring the bays are close enough to add support for the roof.
  • See how big the vehicles and other equipment you will move in and out of your building may be. Your bays should be spaced well enough to allow the equipment to move through without obstructions.
  • See how thick each bay is. The supports for your bays can be a few inches or feet wide. These should be large enough to support all the weight needed for keeping the area propped up.
  • Look at any added doors or windows that you will place in between each bay. You cannot add one of these features in the middle of a bay surface, although they can go between the two.
  • The roof should be analyzed based on where its peak is located. It may be easier to get larger bays ready if the roof is symmetrical. For an unsymmetrical surface, extra supports may be required on the end that is furthest from the top part of the roof.

The bay spacing you are working with should be planned accordingly. Talk with Chappell Build if you need help with getting any steel frame buildings secured and ready for use in your space.

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Pick the Best Type of Insulation for Your Commercial Steel Buildings

commercial steel buildings


Large numbers of commercial steel buildings are coming into existence throughout many cities and towns in Australia. These buildings attest to the versatility, strength and durability of steel. Pre-engineered structures provide ample amounts of solidity and durability. Once this became common knowledge, builders eventually began using steel. In the intervening period, steel has emerged as the building material of choice for many construction companies the world over.


Batt and Blanket Insulation – One of the Cheapest Types of Insulation in Steel Warehouse Construction Projects

Metals are good conductors of heat. This trait makes them undesirable in the construction sector. To resolve these concerns, builders create barriers between indoors space and outdoor temperatures. These barriers go by the name of insulation. The right insulation can help commercial property owners maintain cooler temperatures indoors in summers. It can also minimise condensation on the steel components of the roof and the walls.

Condensation can increase the likelihood of rust, mould and mildew. These could adversely affect the longevity of the structure. One of the cheapest varieties of insulation comprises batt-and-blanket insulation. Builders usually apply this insulation to the walls, ceilings and floors of commercial steel buildings. This insulation serves to provide an additional layer of protection from the outdoor temperature,


What is Loose Fill Insulation?

For the uninitiated, loose-fill insulation features pellets and fibres. Builders typically blow these materials directly into the cavities present in the commercial steel buildings. These insulation materials provide an additional barrier for blocking the transfer of heat and cold. As a result, the building’s energy efficiency will be much higher. In some buildings, loose-fill insulation has also proved to be an effective sound barrier. Thus, it has helped minimise noise levels as well, thereby making the environment indoors more comfortable.


Spray Foam Insulation is Quite Common in Steel Warehouse Construction Projects

The process for using spray foam insulation is like the process used for filling cavities in the structure with loose-fill insulation. Builders will blow spray foam insulation directly into the gaps and cavities in the structure. Once this is complete, the materials used in the spray foam insulation will begin expanding. This will lead to the creation of an airtight barrier that prevents the transfer of heat. At the same time, this will enhance the energy efficiency of the building considerably.


What Does Rigid Board Insulation Typically Comprise?

Rigid board insulation usually comprises fibreglass, polyurethane or polystyrene materials. In many cases, builders cut this insulation to fit specific areas of the building. Throughout the country, builders use rigid board insulation to enhance the insulation of roofs and foundations in commercial steel buildings. This insulation is easy to configure as well.

If you’re keen to commence a steel warehouse construction project soon, consider consulting the experts at Chappell Building Systems. We specialise in commercial construction projects that involve the use of prefabricated steel or precast concrete. We offer high levels of service and support from the conception to the completion stages. The flexibility of our services ensures that your project will suit your needs perfectly. Check out some of our projects here.


The Structure of Your Precast Concrete Construction Affects Your Commercial Insurance Premium Significantly

precast concrete construction


Many builders in the country specialise in precast concrete construction projects. They use concrete because conventional construction materials end up losing their strength over time. In contrast, precast concrete strengthens with the passage of time. Similarly, the manufacture of precast concrete takes place with rigorous quality control measures. And, installing precast concrete onsite is both speedy and efficient. Not surprisingly, numerous commercial builders in Sydney and other places use this material in their projects.


How Does the Structure of a Commercial Building Affect the Premium that the Builder Has to Pay?

Any new precast concrete construction project is a major financial decision. This is especially so as these projects invariably run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, this cost does not always consider the risks involved. A fire or an earthquake could damage the under-construction building severely. In this scenario, the business owner could incur a hefty loss.

To mitigate such risks, business owners often purchase commercial insurance for their properties. But, insurance companies often assess the entire project before accepting the risks involved. As such, if the structure of the building is inappropriate, the insurers will usually not underwrite the risk. Alternatively, they might accept the risk by charging a considerably higher premium. Therefore, it is essential for commercial builders in Sydney and elsewhere to consider various factors when they approach insurers for insuring new construction projects.


Reputed Commercial Builders Work in Tandem with their Underwriters and Brokers Before Commencing New Projects

Before commencing work, the builders or business owners will typically involve their underwriter in the project as early as possible. This enables the business owners to understand the potential exclusions and premiums that insurers will be likely to provide. In addition, underwriters often list measures planned for implementation during the design process for mitigating the risks of fire and other hazards. In many cases, the commercial builders in Sydney or elsewhere will need to liaise with the fire brigade, the environmental agencies, the local councils etc. Once insurers find that the project has various risk-mitigation measures in place, they will charge lower premiums.


Precast Concrete Construction Offers Clear Benefits in the Reduction of Premiums

No commercial property owner will consider building a new office made of wood. As a material, wood provides certain benefits. However, it remains highly susceptible to rotting with exposure to water. In addition, it can act as a catalyst in case of fire. Clearly, insurance companies will charge higher premiums for buildings made of such materials. In contrast, builders are aware that the use of precast concrete in their projects will offer certain cost benefits. As a material, precast concrete is cheaper. In addition, it can withstand fire and other hazards well. Hence, in conjunction with other benefits that it provides, precast concrete can help builders and business owners capitalise on lower insurance premiums.

For the best precast concrete construction services, simply consult the specialists at Chappell Building Services. For more than two decades, we have delivered high-quality industrial, retail and commercial projects to our clients. From educational facilities to warehouses, we can build it all. For more information, click here.


How to Make Your Steel Frame Buildings More Eco-Friendly

steel frame buildings


Hundreds of steel frame buildings abound in almost all commercial hubs in many of Australia’s largest cities. These steel buildings are much stronger than their wooden counterparts. They are more durable too. Their superior fire-resistant properties make them virtually indestructible. At the same time, they will not develop termite infestations as wooden structures often do. Not surprisingly, steel is the material of choice for many commercial building builders across the country.


Conduct an Energy Audit to Ascertain Your Current Use of Energy

The likelihood exists that your commercial building builders did not build an eco-friendly structure. However, you can modify it to make it eco-friendlier. For this, you will need to create a baseline to establish your current use of energy. Hire a professional energy auditor or a certified building inspector. This individual will inspect your building. Thereafter, this energy-efficient construction specialist will recommend the ways by which you could make your commercial building greener.


Plug Air Leaks and Install Cool Roofs in Your Steel Frame Buildings

Doors and windows often leak air around their edges. To remedy this, refit doors to their openings. Also, install the appropriate weather stripping to seal against air leaks. This will prevent the escape of hot or cool air from the interiors of your office. In addition, seal the gaps between the foundation and the building or between the roof and the walls. Similarly, consider replacing your dark roof panels with white ones. White panels will reflect solar radiation and heat away from the building.


Insulate Your Commercial or Industrial Structure to Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Metals typically have high heat transfer rates. Insulation prevents the loss of heat. In addition, it keeps the interior temperature stable. Consider installing the highest R-value insulation beneath the roof panels of your steel frame buildings. Furthermore, install insulations within the walls and beneath the floor. This will enable you to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, without stressing out your HVAC unit needlessly.


Rely on Renewable and Energy-Efficient Sources of Energy in Your Facility

If your budget permits, you could consider harvesting solar energy for replacing or augmenting the energy you consume. For instance, you could ask your builder to install solar panels on the roof. These could help you to reduce your gas and electricity bills. Similarly, you could harvest rainwater by collecting it through special porous concrete. The concrete will absorb the water and direct it to a recovery system for reuse. Another measure to adopt is to install windows with Low-E glaze in your steel frame buildings. These windows offer higher levels of resistant to the transfer of heat. Thus, they will retain the warm air indoors in winter and prevent the transfer of heat to the interiors in summers. Lastly, consider using appliances that feature Energy Star ratings. Also, replace your light fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs.

Chappell Building Systems is one of the leading commercial building builders in Australia. Over the years, we have successfully delivered several commercial construction projects to our clients. Our structures typically feature precast concrete or prefab steel. For more details on our services, click here.


Quality Commercial Constructions and their Impact on Your Business

precast concrete construction - commercial constructions


In the commercial and industrial sector, business owners often need to keep an eye on the future. The slightest change in laws and regulations (or trade practices) could affect their business significantly. Similarly, if the business is showing signs of expanding, commencing commercial construction projects might be necessary. It would be a foolish business owner who does not consider the future infrastructural requirements of the company. Expanding businesses need space to operate from. And, if this space is not available at the right time, it could affect the fortunes of the business considerably.


New Office Buildings Have a Significant Effect on the Morale of Workers and Employees

An office building is virtually the physical embodiment of a company. This is regardless of whether it features prefab steel or precast concrete construction. It is the first thing that your customers, business associates, partners and suppliers come across when they make a visit. As such, a new office building can boost employee morale significantly. This, in turn, can raise productivity levels. And, it can improve the overall workflow in the office. Consider a situation where the business owner decides against constructing a new office building. In this scenario, new workers joining the company will need to share the space currently in use by your existing workers. This will leave the workers feeling cramped, thereby decreasing productivity levels.


Commercial Construction Projects for New Office Buildings Improve the Image of a Business in the Corporate World

Commercial builders no longer use traditional methods for building new structures. Instead, they rely on the latest construction trends to reduce project timeframes and costs. For instance, precast concrete construction is in vogue the world over these days. So, when you hire a builder to construct your new office building, it will send quite a few messages to others in the corporate sector. To cite an example, your existing clients will get the assurance that they are collaborating with an expanding business. Prospective clients will become more confident about being able to close business deals with your business. And, your competitors will undoubtedly feel that you are surging ahead of them.


Office Buildings Featuring Prefab Steel or Precast Concrete Construction Can Influence the Local Community

No matter how well your maintenance staff looks after your building, the structure will inevitably deteriorate over time. Wear and tear issues will often end up detracting from the look of the facility. By renovating the building or by opting for a new commercial construction, you exert a significant influence on the local community too. Your new building sends the message that you’re concerned about the image of the community as well. It indicates your commitment and intent on remaining in the community as a primary contributor.

For the best commercial construction services, don’t look beyond Chappell Building Services. We’re a commercial builder par excellence. The plethora of high-quality structures that dot Australia’s eastern seaboard attests to our skills as a leading commercial builder. From site offices to supermarkets, we can make it all. Check out some of our projects here.


3 Factors That Can Influence Your Warehouse Construction

warehouse construction


Warehouse construction has evolved dramatically especially after the advent of advanced commercial steel buildings in Australia. Gone are the days when warehouses were just meant to store some products. Now warehouse construction is more focused on improving productivity and efficiency of the businesses and these industrial buildings can play a vital role in their success.

Therefore, it’s important to have a flawless warehouse design so that all operations and processes can be carried out like clockwork. Warehouse construction and design must improve efficiency and space utilization.  The good news is that commercial steel buildings can help you achieve these goals at an affordable price.

Let’s have a look at three important factors you should keep in mind when it comes to warehouse construction.


Warehouse Construction: What Do You Need To Consider?

  1. Space Utilisation: Many people have this misconception that warehouses are all about large open spaces. However, there are a number of elements that go into making a great warehouse, and these must be considered during a warehouse construction. These include lifts, racks, ‘transport equipment’ and mezzanine floors, to name a few.  There are many other components such as windows, floors, boxes, columns, power lines and accessibility features that can influence the design of your warehouse.
  2. Design Considerations: There are certain crucial things that you should keep in mind while designing your warehouse. These includenumber of loading/unloading bays and doors, lighting, non-storage spaces like office and canteen, where to keep empty pallets, location of fire protection equipment, insulation, climate control and heating requirements, drainage, location of security cameras, flexibility for future growth, avoiding bottlenecks and funnels, and location of waste disposal system, among others.
  3. Type of Products: The ultimate goal of a warehouse is to store products and keep them in their original condition for as long as required. So, it’s essential to know every aspect of these products such as their weights and dimensions, the types and number of products expected at a given time and the right storage temperature and so on.


Need More Help With Warehouse Construction?

We hope the above information can help you design a perfect warehouse for your needs. However, if you’ve any questions or you want to discuss your projects with some of the most experienced commercial builders in Australia, get in touch with the experts at Chappell Building Systems. Visit us or simply give our experts a call at 02 4959 3000 today!


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How to Save Money on Industrial Property Development? Top 3 Tips

industrial property development


Whether you’re doing industrial property development from scratch or just planning on expanding your existing building, it’s always great to have some money saving tactics in your arsenal.  Building a new structure or adding more space or features to your current one is a sign of a successful business.

However, the important question is – how to start an industrial property development without breaking a bank? The experts from Chappell Building Systems – one of the leading commercial construction companies in Australia, are here to share some money-saving tips with you to help you accomplish precisely this goal.


1. Industrial Property Development: Create a Meticulous Master Plan

Successful builders always create a sustainable and practical roadmap before starting the actual construction process. Not only can a carefully developed plan optimise the efficiency of your construction processes, it can also keep everyone involved in the project on the right track and guarantee a seamless coordination throughout the duration of the project. Some of the key factors you should keep in mind while creating a master plan for your industrial property development are:

  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics and efficiency
  • Future growth
  • Creating an employee-friendly and customer friendly facility
  • Budget


2. Know the Goals of Industrial Property Development

First and foremost, broadly classify all the goals you want to achieve with your industrial property development into some neat categories. If you’ve no clue about how to go about it, get in touch with the experts at reliable commercial construction companies like Chappell Building Systems.  They will be happy to help you out. Start with basic construction goals such as building material, foundation, electrical, framing, plumbing, insulation, and drywall and so on. Advanced options such as steel frame buildings and precast concrete buildings can save you both time and money.


3. Hire Trusted Commercial Construction Companies

You want a specialist who possesses extensive experience and expertise in industrial property development. Make sure everyone involved in the project is adequately skilled and qualified for the job. In this case, choosing reputable commercial construction companies like Chappell Building Systems can be really beneficial. They can provide you with exceptionally talented and skilled professionals so that your project can be completed on time and on budget. You can rest assured in knowing that your project is in safe, experienced hands.


Looking For Commercial Construction Companies in Australia? Get In Touch With Chappell Building Systems!

Get in touch with the experts at Chappell Building Systems and learn more about saving money on industrial properly development. Visit us or give us a call at 02 4959 3000 today!


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Industrial Building Construction: Lighting Tips

industrial building construction


Illuminating an industrial facility can be very challenging because of the inherent design of such buildings. In some cases, lighting fixtures and systems for industrial buildings will have a different requirement from commercial buildings. There are certain things that you should consider when it comes to illuminating your industrial facility. Be sure to discuss the following with your contractor before pushing through with the industrial building construction project.

Natural Lighting

One thing you need to need to consider while in the planning stages of your industrial building construction is how you can take advantage of natural lighting. Most industrial facilities have deep structures, which can make it difficult for you to utilise natural lighting. Although difficult, it is not impossible.

Talk to your building contractor about how you can incorporate taller or wider windows in the building design. Discuss how many windows you can possibly fit as well. In addition, the building’s location and position can have an impact on how much natural light can enter the facility.


You also need to make sure that your lighting systems are suitable for the task to be performed. For instance, in your assembly line, one of the tasks here will be to assembly of small parts. Because of the small components, you’ll want powerful lighting systems that will improve visibility. Consequently, it will make it easier for your employees to put together the parts.

You won’t be needing powerful task lighting all the time though. Putting such lighting systems needlessly will only result to more electricity consumption and expenses for you. Thus, talk to your building contractor and plan how you could utilise various lighting systems in the industrial or steel frame buildings. In line with this, consider using LED light bulbs as they are more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Controlled Lighting

Many industrial facilities nowadays are leaning towards the use of controlled lighting systems. Such systems come in various forms. For instance, there are controlled lighting systems which allows you to adjust the brightness of the light bulb. This will help you to illuminate working spaces properly and at the same time be more energy-efficient. There are also programmable controls which is more convenient to use.

There are several other things that you should consider when it comes to illuminating your industrial facility. And we would be glad to help you through all those considerations. Just give us a call at You can call us up at 02 4959 3000 or leave a message in our contact page. As one of the leaders in the construction of steel frame buildings and industrial facilities, you can be sure that we’ll have one of our experts ready to answer any question you may have about our services.