3 Essential Steps to Successful Industry Property Development

industrial property development


Industry property development takes some serious amount of time, money and effort. So, make sure that you’re investing in the right materials and advanced construction processes for maximum ROI. First of all, try to ascertain whether your new building will meet your business needs. Do you have sufficient space to accommodate the structure?

When looking for commercial construction companies, make sure you’ve done your homework. This is important to avoid unnecessary delays and budget overruns later on. Choosing reliable commercial construction companies ensures that your project goes smoothly and even if certain changes are required during the project, they’re addressed immediately.


Industrial Property Development: Know Your Options

Any industrial property development project needs a major commitment from the business owner. The good news is that when you choose a trusted commercial construction company like Chappell building systems, you can concentrate on your core business while they take care of all construction related activities.

However, you’ll be fully involved in each and every decision so that you’ll get a building according to your exact budget and requirements. From pre-cast concrete construction to steel buildings, there are a number of advanced as well as cost-effective options available to businesses these days.


Make Sure Your Building Permits Are in Order

Once you’ve chosen the right option for your commercial building, it’s time to do some paperwork. Get all your permits from the concerned authority and make sure that your building follows all zoning laws and regulations. It’s important to get this done at the earliest as making changes later on can prove to be quite expensive and  time consuming. An experienced industry property development firm like Chappell Building Systems can help you understand all the building codes and regulations applicable for your building.


Choose Trusted Commercial Construction Companies

Choosing a competent company is important. For the best results, never base your decision solely on the price. Pick a company that is well-established, has experience in industry property development projects and has the capability of completing your project within the proposed budget. An experienced specialist will also show you similar projects and advise you on how you can make your building more efficient.

For more guidance on Industry property development, get in touch with the most trusted commercial construction company in Sydney – Chappell Building Systems today. Visit us or just give us a call at 02 4959 3000 today!


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Design Ideas For Commercial Steel Buildings That Will Standout

commercial steel buildings design


Every company trying to build a name in the industry must not only think of their brand image but also on the commercial space where they will hold office. It’s crucial that the commercial building will not only project a stable company but, the physical appearance highlight uniqueness from your competitors. If you are looking for designing ideas that will get your commercial building noticed, go over the following artistic and innovative commercial steel buildings designs.

1. Choose a design that will represent your brand

When choosing the design of your commercial building, think of things that can represent your company’s branding image. It could be focused on a particular colour, line or texture that can be associated with your brand. For example, if your company’s brand is represented by the fiery red colour, why not use it when designing the architectural panels of your commercial building. This will surely capture every guest coming to your building site.

2. Combine the contemporary with the modern look

Designing a commercial building doesn’t always start from scratch. Sometimes, you can combine the contemporary look with modern designs. For example, the building’s contemporary panels can go with a sleek steel framework to showcase old and new look.

3. Go for mixed appearance

If you are thinking of adding an extension to your existing commercial building, going for mixed appearance can make a huge impact on what you want to achieve. For example, an old building can have the adjacent building constructed from steel framework to highlight something new. However, if you want your guests visiting your building site to be impressed, incorporate bold panels with wood along your entrance.

4. Use repeating lines

Repeating lines can at times be boring, but you can use it when designing your commercial building. Repeating lines when applied to commercial steel buildings can project clean and elegant look. Among the areas of your commercial building where you can show repeating lines are lap siding, windows and steel balcony railings.

5. Highlight a new angle

There are many ways to highlight your commercial building’s best feature. For example, if you want your building’s towering height to get impressive remarks from people passing by think of adding angled paneling in various shapes.

6. Use different materials

Commercial buildings need not be boring. As mentioned, your options when designing your building are massive, especially when it comes to materials to be used. Never be happy with the traditional concrete look. You can combine masonry, panels, trim with anything made from metal, steel or wood.

There are many ways you can come up with a masterpiece commercial steel building design. However, if you are on the lookout for innovative ideas that will make your commercial building a true representation of the brand you want to project talk to an expert at Chappell Building Systems. They have a reputation for helping businesses and companies design and build their ideal commercial buildings.

In the event you are into industrial property development and want to partner with a credible commercial builder for your bulk commercial and industrial building projects, Chappell Building Systems can help you.


For more images on our projects, check out our Facebook page!


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Steel Frame Buildings Make Superb & Long-Lasting Warehouses

steel frame buildings


Construction companies often specialise in building residential and commercial structures. In the past, many commercial builders used concrete, bricks and other materials for building commercial structures. However, the demand for precast concrete and prefabricated steel buildings has been on the rise of late. This is primarily because these structures are easier to design and build. In addition, they minimise actual construction time. Not only does this yield immense savings in terms of labour costs. It also reduces the timeline for the completion of the project. Not surprisingly, steel frame buildings are gradually appearing in every corner of the country.

Steel – The Material of Choice for Warehouses and Construction Workshops

When you want to start your own business or expand it, you will probably consider the infrastructure you need first. A new business will need a facility to operate from – even if it’s small. Similarly, an expanding business will necessitate a new facility. Alternatively, an expanding business could make do with additional floors or levels in the building – including mezzanine floors.

When business owners want to add new buildings for personal or business use, they will often think of acquiring prefabricated steel buildings. These steel frame buildings are easy to assemble and install. They offer superior levels of strength and durability. They do not require much by way of maintenance. They are weather-resistant and fireproof. They are easy to customise so that they can meet your specific requirements perfectly. The practicality of these structures makes them cost-effective as well. Not surprisingly, whether you want a new showroom or an industrial workshop, you will find that steel offers the best value for your money.

Steel Frame Buildings Offer Ample Open Space that Warehouses Typically Need

Any warehouse or distribution centre needs maximal space for storage. In addition, they require open space that enables their workers or forklift drivers to load and unload the goods easily. A steel building eliminates the need for columns within the structure to hold the building up. This makes it easier to organise the interior space too. For instance, your workers will be able to move about freely without having to navigate numerous poles or columns.

Construct Your Warehouses or Construction Workshops Speedily by Selecting Prefabricated Steel

Warehouses do more than just provide storage space. They offer space that can serve a myriad of applications for the business owner. However, business owners often want builders to assemble and install these structures quickly. This is why the use of prefabricated steel frame buildings have become so popular in the warehousing industry. Constructing a steel warehouse will not take long. This is because the builders can acquire the prefabricated parts very easily. This not only reduces construction timelines and labour requirements. It yields immense savings in labour costs too.

When you want quality commercial construction services, think of Chappell Building Systems. For over 20 years, we have been delivering superlative retail and commercial facilities along Australia’s eastern seaboard. From construction workshops to big-box retail outlets, we can build it all. Check out our enviable range of services here.


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Buy a Super Fund Investment Property to Diversify Your Investments

super fund investment property


Dozens of financial planners believe that inflation is one of the biggest threats that numerous retirees face. It continually erodes the real value of the capital and income that retirees have accumulated over several years. The Australian government has supported and mandated the use of superannuation funds including Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). These funds typically enable Australians to have funds available on retirement. SMSFs enable people to invest in a super fund investment property. This helps diversify their super fund investments. It spreads the risk to your investments too. Moreover, investing in property can be an effective way to counter the erosion of your wealth by increasing levels of inflation.

The Importance of Diversifying Your Super Fund Investments

Financial planners often urge their clients not to put all their eggs in the same basket. So, they will always invest their clients’ funds in different kinds of assets. This usually includes shares, fixed interest schemes and property. Investing in property that has good residential or industrial property development prospects is always beneficial. Diversifying super fund investments helps in spreading the risk as much as possible. So, if a specific sector is not performing well, the profits accruing from other investment assets will compensate for the losses earned from the under-performing one.

Why Are More Australians Investing in a Super Fund Investment Property Nowadays?

Property is an asset class that can provide both income and capital growth. It is also a long-term investment. Prior to 2007, the government did not permit people to use their SMSFs for borrowing funds. As a result, people could not use the funds available in their SMSFs for acquiring investment properties with good industrial property development prospects.

You could use the income earned from the property via rent to cover your loan repayments. Similarly, you could sell the property too and earn a good profit. However, the capital gains made from selling the property will remain in the tax-effective environment of the SMSF. So, once you retire, you will not need to pay any tax on investment earnings. Nor will you need to pay any tax on capital gains accruing from assets that provide your SMSF pension.

When Should You Consider Investing in a Super Fund Investment Property?

You should consider acquiring an SMSF investment property in case:

  • You have stable employment
  • You’re continuing to make regular contributions to your SMSF
  • You have a diverse portfolio of investment assets in your SMSF – including properties with good residential or industrial property development prospects
  • You have a deposit of approximately 40 percent of the purchase price of the property in your SMSF and,
  • You are at least 10 years or more from retirement as property is a long-term investment for potential capital growth

To earn the best yield from your super fund investment property, rely on Chappell Building Systems. We’re commercial builders offering client-focused designs and superlative building services. Precast concrete and prefabricated steel construction is our forte. Check out all our services here.


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Why Precast Concrete Construction Is Widely Used For Commercial Building Projects?

industrial property development western sydney


As the need for innovative materials become crucial in the construction industry, licensed builders, engineers including architects have discovered precast concrete to be the perfect solution. Why? Below are some of the reasons why precast concrete construction is widely used nowadays for commercial building projects.

Reduce the construction time

This is one of the top reasons why professional builders opt for precast concrete construction materials in most of their contracted building projects is due to the fact that is can remarkably reduce the construction time. This is a huge benefit for builders and contractors who have a lot of upcoming projects.

Complete control

Complete control of a building project is essential to any builder. With the availability of quality precast concrete, it gives the team to be in control of their designated tasks at the building site. Since the precast concrete is constructed elsewhere and stored until needed at the building site, this allows the workers to deliver quality output.

More savings

The precast concrete construction materials manufacturer offers bigger discounts on bulk orders. If you have many building projects line up in the coming months and would require the need for the high volume of precast concrete, you can negotiate for a more reasonable package. As the amount of time needed to complete a building project is reduced, this means fewer labour costs.

Safer installation

The precast concrete as mentioned in produced in a safe and controlled environment and not on the job site. Once the precast concrete is needed at the site, that’s the only time it will be brought, making it safer for the people involved in the installation to carry out this task because there are no more intricate procedures needed.


The components of precast concrete are graded to be durable, meaning they have the ability to withstand any weather condition and expected to last longer than other building materials.

Fire resistant

Among the distinct feature of precast concrete is being fire resistant. Keep in mind, accidental fire can’t be prevented, but with the use of precast concrete, it can decrease the spread of fire from one area to another. This is why precast is also recommended for the construction of residential houses.

Aesthetic appeal

Precast concrete has transformed from plain and boring structures into a massive collection of designs, shapes, colours and finishes. You have the option to combine strength with an aesthetic appeal on your precast concrete. So, if you want to come up with a precast concrete made from brick or granite, the manufacturer can produce the final look you want to achieve.

If you are thinking of using precast concrete for your next commercial building projects, contact Chappell Build Systems and find out more about the cost and other benefits of precast concrete construction. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for innovative commercial steel buildings designs, feel free to book a private meeting and be inspired by their previous projects.


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Industrial Property Development: 3 Ways Steel Buildings Deliver High ROI

Industrial building construction


When it comes to industrial property development, steel is among the most popular materials throughout Australia. Exceptional durability and top-notch corrosion resistance of steel buildings are some of the things that make them perfect for industrial property development including garages, warehouses and workshops, to name a few.

If you’ve decided to go for steel buildings, below are some of the things that can help you get a huge return on investment.


Steel Buildings:  Standard Designs Can Reduce Cost and Speed up Construction

Steel is extremely strong and durable, and that make it flexible enough for any complex design. However, if you want to save money and time, it’s better to go for standard options. Standard components can be procured quickly from the manufacturer and effortlessly installed at the site.

This can reduce the overall cost and duration of your project to a great extent. When you choose renowned builders like Chappell Building Systems, you’ll get fully compatible components that can be put together in no time. Due to the unmatched convenience and practicality of prefabricated steel structures, you’ll make some significant savings on construction costs as well.


Durable and Versatile Structures for Industrial Property Development

Most people have this misconception that standard components offer a little versatility because of their prefabricated nature. However, even if you choose standard parts, you still have a plenty of options to make your building as unique as you want. There are numerous aspects of steel buildings such as finishes, doors, windows, a variety of flooring that can be customized according to your exact requirements.


Resilient Structures to Suit Existing and Future Needs

Steel buildings are designed by keeping your precise needs in mind. If you require a large unobstructed space, the designers will integrate this into your design. From size of the entrance to roof height, everything can be customized depending on your business needs.

What’s more; steel structures are highly adaptable. So, with your changing needs, the building can be modified accordingly at any point of time. With steel buildings, you can attain a massive ROI in terms of convenience, endurance and market value.

The professionals at Chappell Building Systems are highly experienced and they will make sure that you get the best returns. For more guidance on industrial property development, contact the specialists at Chappell Building Systems immediately!


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Top Reasons Why Prefab Steel Buildings Have Become the Need of the Hour


commercial builders in Sydney


Whether you’re looking to start a new business or scale up your existing one, prefab steel buildings are probably the best option for you in either case. Reputable commercial builders in Sydney prefer prefab steel buildings over other options because of a number of reasons. The first one is the money savings that a steel structure can deliver to the business owners in both short- and long-term.


What Makes Prefab Steel Buildings Cost-Effective?

With proper planning, prefab steel buildings can prove to be cheaper than most of the traditional structures and even precast concrete buildings. However, prices can vary depending on your precise requirements. Costs can go significantly higher for more complex bespoke designs.

Steel buildings can help you achieve a huge return on investment. Onsite installation takes a very less time as compared to traditional construction methods. Moreover, minimal time is needed to rectify any defects even after the completion of the project. Lastly, with steel buildings, you can pretty much get rid of maintenance costs.


Prefab Steel Buildings Can Add Value to Your Business

You may not want to sell your commercial building right now, but it always pays to add as much value to it as possible. The quality and durability of construction material will greatly affect the overall value of your building. Structures made from traditional materials are in constant need of repair, and only a few buyers are interested in buying such a property.

On the other hand, prefab steel buildings are always in demand.  As an owner, you don’t have to worry about their durability and safety as these buildings do not deteriorate over time. These structures can be put to any use and they can add a tremendous value to any business.


Commercial Builders In Sydney: How Specialists Can Help You?

If you’ve decided to go for prefab steel buildings, look for the best commercial builders in Sydney to turn your vision into reality. Trusted builders at renowned firms like Chappell Building Systems will listen to your exact requirements and promptly offer valuable advice.

Make sure that you let them know your exact needs, and they will provide you an accurate quote in a short time. They can also show you similar projects. You can rely on Chappell Building Systems to get the highest quality structures that will meet all your business goals right within your budget.

For more information, or to discuss your commercial building needs, get in touch with the leading commercial builders in Sydney at Chappell Building Systems. Visit us or just give us a call at 02 4959 3000


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Constructing Steel Warehouses Offers A Myriad of Benefits

Steel warehouses - warehouse construction


People often use a variety of construction materials for building residential or commercial structures. However, steel is fast becoming the material of choice in the commercial and industrial sector in Australia. This is primarily because steel offers a number of benefits. It is easily available. It is economical and durable. In many cases, steel provides the simplest solution when it comes to certain building designs as well. For instance, if a structure requires large expanses of open space while offering suitable levels of flexibility in design, nearly all commercial construction companies will prefer working with steel. For these reasons, a vast majority of new commercial and industrial structures feature steel building materials – ranging from warehouses to school colas.


Steel Warehouses Are Simple

Pre-engineered steel buildings have become quite popular these days. This is because builders find it easier to put up pre-engineered steel buildings. These structures usually have a simple appearance. As a result, they will look perfect in any setting. More importantly, maintaining or expanding the structure also becomes much easier in the future.


Steel is Remarkably Weather Resistant and Long-Lasting

In the past, commercial building projects usually featured wood or concrete. With the passage of time, commercial construction companies have turned to steel. This is primarily because steel can withstand harsh climates and other potential disasters. As a result, steel structures will usually have lower insurance premiums. In addition, builders usually test their structures against high winds, heavy rain and snow before declaring the buildings fit for using. Steel warehouses will usually never develop weather-related problems.


Building with Steel is Economical

Steel structures are highly economical and cost-effective. And, steel is much cheaper than various other construction materials too. In addition, constructing and maintaining a steel building is relatively inexpensive as well. Steel buildings have high resistance levels to harsh climates. Thus, they can make do with minimal levels of maintenance. Similarly, commercial construction projects featuring steel usually offer significant savings on labour costs.


Steel Buildings Offer a Lot of Space

If you have ever stepped into a steel warehouse, you will find that they are all very spacious. This doesn’t mean that traditional brick-and-mortar structures cannot offer comparable levels of space. However, steel structures usually feature high ceiling designs. In addition, they do not have internal pillars, which help in creating an open and obstruction-free space.


Steel Warehouses Are Easy to Customise

Some builders typically build steel structures with the same design. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot customise the building to make it a better fit for your space and requirements. From changing the structure to altering the exterior look, you can customise your steel structure in many ways.

Chappell Building Builders are commercial builders par excellence. We typically use prefabricated steel for constructing various kinds of industrial and commercial structures. Prefabricated steel offers superior levels of strength and durability. Hence, our steel warehouses and buildings can easily last for several years with minimal levels of maintenance. For more details about our services, click here.


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The Best Industrial Property Development Companies Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

industrial property development western sydney


Quite a large number of Australians purchase investment properties. Residential and industrial property development companies keep a keen eye on areas with bright future prospects too. Many commercial and industrial property developers expect sizeable returns on their property investment in the shortest spans of time. But, this doesn’t happen in a jiffy. Any development endeavour will usually necessitate the exercising of some patience and care. These attributes typically help experienced and established developers from committing a number of costly mistakes such as those listed below.


Overlooking the Importance of Due Diligence

Commercial builders in Sydney and other places know that no piece of property exists in a vacuum. Thus, each site purchase will come with various regulations attached. The developer is responsible for complying with the regulations prescribed. This inevitably means that you cannot neglect to perform the necessary due diligence. Hiring professionals could be ideal in this scenario. These individuals could easily research all the environmental and legal aspects that affect the property.


Neglecting to Run Feasibility Checks

New entrants in the industrial property development sector often make one mistake. They underestimate their incidental expenses and overestimate their profits simultaneously. This usually leaves them susceptible to financial difficulties during the construction phase. To avoid these hassles, reviewing all possible payments or fees that could arise during construction thoroughly.


Substituting Quantity for Quality

Almost all commercial builders will inevitably place a great deal of attention on the pricing of materials and labour. This is certainly important. But, the best commercial builders in Sydney and elsewhere will not focus on this factor alone. Instead, they will engage people with spotless reputations who can do their jobs well. This approach will give them the best solicitors, architects, planning experts, financial consultants etc. who offer superlative levels of skills, quality and reliability.


Glossing Over the Legal Requirements of the Industrial Property Development Project

Many people will be aware of how taxing it is to buy or sell property. Not only are the financial aspects of such a transaction tedious and complex. The legal and statutory paperwork you need to deal with could leave you feeling dumbfounded too. To save time, some builders abandon their legal requirements altogether. This error usually comes back to haunt them subsequently. It is worth highlighting that filling out the mandated legal forms and documents might be a strenuous activity. However, the consequences of failing to make the required submissions will far exceed the strenuousness of filling out the forms. This is why legal experts urge commercial builders in Sydney and other places to complete all the legal agreements affecting the construction, maintenance or the overall legitimacy of the project.

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial building company, don’t look beyond Chappell Building Systems. For more than 20 years, we have been delivering high-quality retail, commercial and industrial property development projects along Australia’s eastern seaboard. From retail showrooms to industrial warehouses, we build them all. Constructing quality steel structures is our specialty. Contact us via our contact us page or just call 02 4959 3000.


How to Manage Industrial Building Construction Project? 5 Steps to Focus On!

industrial building construction


You don’t need to tell us about how difficult it is to accomplish an industrial building construction project. There are a number of details you have to be up to date about. As a project owner or construction manager, there are a number of small items you have to be cognizant about, as these are the ones that are most likely to slip under your radar.

So, as a project owner, what are the things that you should focus on? Let’s take a look!


Industrial Building Construction: 5 Things to Consider

  1. People Management: When you’re managing a site, you will have to deal with a number of people. This might seem like a waste of time, but it has been proven that a dip in morale or lack of coordination and management from the upper levels can cause a huge fall in workers’ productivity.
  2. Safety: The bigger your construction project, the more people are involved in the construction process. You should take some time specifically to ensure that safety measures are enforced- including usage of the right equipment, regular safety training, and safe construction practices at the site.
  3. Workflow Planning: Having an efficient and planned workflow, with a clear chain of command can really improve decision making and boost the morale at a site. This will help you speed up the process of an industrial building construction, and ensure there is no confusion, just because somebody is out on a holiday.
  4. Preventative Work: A good management technique is always to forecast any risks and develop the appropriate risk mitigation strategies. This will have huge benefits, both financially and from a safety and personal well-being point of view.
  5. Focus on the Jobsite: An unsecure jobsite can definitely end up costing a lot of money to the owner, as it definitely attracts petty thieves, vandals, among others. Having a secure jobsite will increase workers’ efficiency, and will ensure no time is lost on handling any unfortunate incidents.


Why Choose Steel Buildings?

When it comes to finalizing the material for your industrial building construction, steel is unarguably the best option for you. Steel buildings are faster to build, exceptionally long-lasting and require minimal maintenance during their lifetime.

Moreover, steel buildings are highly sustainable due to their high energy efficiency and the fact that most of their components are recyclable. Lastly, you can easily make your steel building as unique and stunning as you want with a number of aesthetic enhancements.

There you have it – some of the most crucial factors you’ should take into account during industrial building construction.


Chappell Building Systems – The Leading Experts for Industrial Building Construction

At Chappell Building Systems, we can provide you the best specialists you can trust for your industrial building construction, including steel buildings. For more guidance, get in touch with one of our experts at 02 4959 3000 now!


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