Super Fund Investment Property: Things You Should Know


Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have increasingly becoming popular among Australians who want to have a greater control over their investments. Choosing super fund investment property is one of the best ways to attain solid returns with negligible risk.

Apart from rental income on monthly basis, super fund investment property offers a range of other benefits. This makes super fund investment property one of the most lucrative investment options for anyone today. As one of the most experienced commercial builders in Sydney, we offer a comprehensive range of services including the development of super fund investment property.


Commercial Builders Sydney: Reasons to Invest Super Fund in a Commercial Property

  • High Income Potential: Investing in a commercial property offers you better returns than in residential properties. So, it makes sense to choose trusted commercial building builders in Sydney and opt for of super fund investment property. Our clients get regular rental income just from their investment properties.
  • Predictability and Stability: Both owners and tenants in commercial buildings make sure to follow all the laws and regulations in their business interactions.  This allows owners to have a better control over their property and keep improving its value.
  • Diversification: Building a commercial property with the help of experienced commercial builders in Sydney can help you design a building that can meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses. This way you can rent out your property to several businesses for even higher returns.


Why Choose Chappell Building Systems To Develop Your Super Fund Investment Property?

Chappell Building Systems are one of the leading specialists when it comes to super fund investment property in Australia. You may be aware of the huge number of benefits of investing your super in a commercial property, but you may not know all the laws and regulations involved.

At Chappell Building Systems, our experts can help you get a resilient commercial structure, compliant with all the regulations, to suit your exact needs.  As a reliable specialist for commercial construction, we make sure that the process goes smooth and hassle-free.

Get in touch with one of our experts to know more about super fund investment property. Just give us a call at 02 4959 3000 now!


Construction Workshop: How to Build a Perfect Workshop

garage workshop chappell build

A workshop can be utilized to serve a number of purposes. From tinkering with your car in your private space to repair things or even woodworking, there is no dearth of things you can accomplish with construction workshop.

However, if you’re working in a cramped garage or your backyard, you may not find tackling your projects as interesting as you thought they would be. Moreover, building a workshop by considering your exact needs might seem like a time consuming and costly project.

However, you don’t have to worry as long as you have experienced commercial builders in Sydney to plan every detail of your construction workshop.


Construction Workshop: Things You Should Keep In Mind.

    1. Purpose: Do you need a new workshop just to keep and repair your vehicles or you want to utilize this space for your other hobbies? Having an adequate space to accomplish your main goal is the first important step in any type of commercial construction.
      The real strength of Chappell Building Systems lies in their huge range of specialities. From precast concrete construction to steel frame buildings, you have an endless range of options to choose from regardless of the available space and your budget.
      To start with, consider your present and near future needs. Then do some measurements and determine the minimum sq ft you require to store your equipment, vehicles and workbenches etc.
    2. The Workbench: The workbench is probably the most important part of any workshop. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of premade workbenches. Alternatively, you can make your own customized workbench to suit your precise needs. Make sure that your workbench is strong and resilient with an extra durable surface on the top. This is important to ensure that it can withstand pounding, hammering and everyday wear and tear. The height should be kept at a comfortable level so that you can work on it for extended hours without feeling tired.
    3. Insulation: Insulation is important to attain comfortable interiors. It will keep your workshop cool in the summer and warm in cold weather so that you can give your best to every project.


Chappell Building Systems – The Leading Commercial Builders in Sydney

Now that you know about some of the most crucial factors you’ll need to consider while building your workshop, you’ll discover that Chappell building systems are the best specialists you can rely on to build your dream workshop.

For more information, get in touch with our experts today or give us a call at 02 4959 3000 now!


5 Great Reasons to Choose Pre-Cast Concrete Construction

pre-cast concrete construction


Though concrete construction has been around for centuries, precast concrete construction is a different game altogether. Apart from the usual benefits of concrete like aesthetic appeal and high durability, pre-cast concrete construction can also help you save some significant time and money on your projects.

Designing is the most important aspect of any pre-cast construction project.  Since layout and design can be finalised right in the beginning, your commercial building can be constructed faster than traditional processes.

There are numerous benefits of pre-cast concrete construction. As the leading commercial building builders in Sydney, experts from Chappell Building Systems have prepared a list of some prominent reasons why pre-cast concrete construction may be the best option for your business needs. Let’s take a look.

  1. Value for Money: Trusted manufacturers use standardised processes and quality materials. So, pre-cast concrete can deliver you a better quality than traditional concrete. In addition, pre-cast concrete manufacturers can offer you better discounts because they buy raw materials in bulk at a discounted price. Thirdly, labour required in pre-cast concrete construction is much lower than used in traditional constructions. Lastly, pre-cast concrete components can be successfully utilized in both architectural as well as structural aspects of a building.
  2. Better Project Control: Pre-cast concrete components are manufactured offsite in a very controlled environment. It allows you to get high quality, ready-to-use components that require much lesser labour than that required in traditional construction. You’ll also have a better control over the schedule and your job site.
  3. Easy To Install: When it comes to pre-cast concrete construction, you won’t have to worry about the bad weather. These components are manufactured offsite and delivered just at the right time. This means a cleaner, more efficient and safer construction and on-time completion of projects.
  4. Fireproof Construction:Pre-cast concrete buildings are highly resistant to fires.  This is in fact the most important reason why people still prefer to build with concrete. Even in case of fires, concrete doesn’t melt or catch fire. Moreover, it stops fires from spreading. This helps you to controls the situation before it become too late.
  5. Incredible Durability: Well known for their excellent quality and reliability, precast concrete components can last for years and years even under heavy use. Precast concrete buildings stay as stunning and strong as they were the day they were constructed.

For more information on pre-cast concrete construction, get in touch with the trusted commercial building buildersChappell Building Systems today.


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4 Benefits of Hiring Trusted Commercial Builders in Sydney

commercial building builders sydney


If you’re interested in steel buildings and looking to build one for your business, congratulations! This may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your business. However, if you’re inexperienced, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of factors that come into play when building a resilient and business-friendly structure.

As one of the most experienced commercial builders in Sydney, at Chappell Building Systems, we’re aware that most people have a little knowledge about the costs and other factors involved in the construction of steel buildings.

Though most of these factors vary greatly depending on the area where you’re planning to start your commercial construction, below are some of the ways trustworthy commercial builders in Sydney can make the whole process a lot easier and cost-effective for you.  Let’s have a look:

  1. Greater control: When you work with a trusted builder that can provide you comprehensive design-build services, you’ll get a clear-cut idea about the cost and duration of your project even before starting the project. This allows for a better process control, minimal hassle and no last minute surprises.
  2. Better Accountability: Well established building companies like Chappell Building Systems offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof. So, as the project owner, you can easily monitor and control everything. Another benefit of working with a single reputable company is that there are no financial risks and other complications during the process.
  3. Reduced Project Duration: A major advantage of having a diverse range of skilled professionals at your disposal is that they can start working on different aspects of your project at the same time in a well coordinated way.  Since everything will be clearly defined, including scheduling and cost, right from the beginning, you can utilize your resources in a much better way. Secondly, in most well-planned projects, there are no redesign requirements and that can certainly help you save even more time and money.
  4. Better Risk management: As there will be no conflict between different professionals working on your project, you’ll get better results at a more affordable price. Experienced commercial builders in Sydney like Chappell Building Systems make sure that each one of their professionals work as a team and give their best to the overall success of your project. As a result, you won’t have to deal with any change orders, errors and delays.

For more information on commercial construction, get in touch with the leading commercial builders in Sydney – Chappell Building Systems today.


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Industrial Property Development: 4 Factors to Consider

industrial property development


An industrial property development is not a challenging job provided you’re aware of the intricacies involved in such projects and from where to get professional help when needed. Steel frame buildings can be easily customized to fit your exact requirements. The good news is that trusted commercial builders in Sydney like Chappell Building Systems can provide you everything you need to make your project a huge success.

When it comes to industrial property development, you have a plethora of options to choose from in terms of colours, roof design, trim and so on. However, in order to build a truly resilient and stunning structure that will perfectly suit you business needs, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Let’s have a look:

  1. Cost: The exact cost of your commercial building would be dependent on several factors such as size and purpose of the building. Apart from building materials, make sure your budget covers the following:
  • Design
  • Foundation
  • Labour
  • Utility
  • Tools and equipment
  • Permits
  • Installation
  1. Location: if you’re looking for an ideal location for industrial property development, consider the following factors:
  • Drainage: The building should be constructed a little bit higher than the surrounding areas so that the water can be drained away from the building without any problem. Keep in mind the neighbouring buildings too. Your drainage should not cause any problem to the surrounding structures.
  • Environment: When it comes to choosing the right materials for your building, keep in mind the local environment. The good news is that steel frame buildings are exceptionally resistant to humidity, UV rays, heavy snow and storms and other elements.
  • Seismic Hazards: Make sure that your commercial or industrial building is designed in such a way so that it can withstand earthquakes and other seismic activity in the region.
  1. Ventilation: The basic purpose of ventilation is to circulate the air and keep it fresh as well as to control the humidity. Ventilation should be chosen by keeping building use and local weather in mind.
  2. Other Options: What makes steel frame buildings a preferred choice for most business owners in Australia is that these structures are more versatile and flexible than most other options. From frame openings to roof design and trim selection, you can get a building of your dreams sooner and at a more affordable price than you can ever imagine.

For more guidance on industrial property development, get in touch with the leading commercial builders in SydneyChappell Building Systems today.


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Top 3 Reasons Commercial Steel Buildings Are So Appealing To Business Owners

commercial steel building


Commercial steel buildings are aesthetically stunning. In fact, any structure that can last for a lifetime should look beautiful throughout its lifespan. Industrial building construction with steel can provide you a building that will never look like those bland, worn-out structures you can find at a number of places these days.

Here, we will delve into some important reasons why commercial steel buildings are some of the most appealing as well as durable, affordable and functional structures available anywhere in Australia. Let’s take a look.

  1. Endless Design Options: Throughout the world, steel has helped designers and builders build structures that would be difficult to even imagine with traditional materials. When you build with steel, you can say goodbye to run-of-the-mill boxy industrial buildings. You can achieve any unique shape you want even the ones that include complex curves, angles and spheres. Even if you like traditional designs, you can easily attain it with steel.
  2. Attention to Detail: Commercial steel buildings can be made to include intricate architectural details. Whether you want to change the look of your existing building or you want a design that conveys your brand image, everything is a cakewalk with industrial building construction. Some examples of details that you can include in your building are – a variety of options to define space, proportion, symmetry and mass; different colours for roof panels and walls to create a contrasting or seamless effect, and so on.
  3. Limitless Options in Colours and Textures: From high gloss to matte, you can pick from a huge variety of finishes for your steel building. Experts can help you choose the right colours and textures by considering your needs and industry. For instance food and retail clients generally prefer a brighter look while medical and office buildings often go for subtle hues. Steel buildings can be made to achieve any appearance. They look great as metal buildings or you can make them look like a concrete or stone structure. You have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the visual appeal of your building.

For more information, get in touch with the experts at Chappell Building Systems today. Just give us a call at 02 4959 3000.


Concrete Panel Construction Vs Steel Buildings: 3 Things to Consider

Concrete Panel Construction


When it comes to deciding on the structural components for your new building, you might find it hard to choose between the two popular options – concrete panel construction and steel buildings.

As a savvy business owner, you should look at the long term benefits of both the options apart from ease of construction and maintenance requirements. So, how to choose the best option for your building? Let’s have a look at some important factors to keep in mind.

  1. Safety: Concrete panel construction can deliver you a safe and durable structure provided the core and columns have sufficient thickness. Concrete buildings offer good protection against high winds, debris, fires and other common problems. One downside of concrete panel construction is that it’s somewhat harder to bond fire-resisting material to concrete surface.
    On the other hand, steel buildings are exceptionally fire resistant. Their fire resisting properties can be further enhanced with protective sprays and by attaching other materials on them. Lastly, steel buildings do not collapse that easily in the event of earthquakes and other disasters.
  2. Cost: The cost of concrete panel construction depends on several factors such as availability, design and demand. Constructing with pre cast concrete panels is a quick and easy process but it requires more labour than that needed in erecting steel buildings.
    Like every other material, the cost of steel has also experienced a surge in the recent years, but the costs of steel framed buildings have increase just marginally. This can be attributed to the fact that in most construction projects, recycled steel can be successfully utilized without compromising on the structural integrity of the building.
  3. Environmental Impact: Concrete is not fully recyclable. Only about 50 percent of concrete is recycled for new projects, rest is down cycled for projects like roads etc. However, with proper insulation and ventilation, concrete structures can help you make some great savings on utility costs.
    Steel, on the other hand, can be fully recycled. Moreover, steel is quite easy to separate from other construction waste. This makes the recycling process easier and much more efficient.

To know more about your options, get in touch with the leading building specialists at Chappell Building Systems today. Just give us a call at 02 4959 3000.


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3 Pitfalls to Avoid in Commercial Construction Projects

commercial construction


As one of the most experienced specialists for industrial warehouse and commercial construction projects, we are aware of high complexity of such projects and what are the consequences if you fail to plan them properly.  While in some cases, clients are uncertain about their exact requirements, at other times, they are not familiar with the various options available to them.

Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when it comes to commercial construction or building an industrial warehouse.


  1. Choosing The Wrong Size – Some business owners while trying to save some money on their commercial construction projects often opt for a smaller structure. While you can save some money in the beginning, it can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run. The reason is that you’re likely to settle for an inefficient building with less storage capacity, less space to store heavy equipment and a non-productive work environment.
    So, make sure you keep in mind all the essentials while planning for a construction project. Generally, these include storage space, office space, vehicle storage, bathroom and workshop, among others.
  2. Compromising On Aesthetics – Gone are the days when commercial buildings used to be bland and boring structures. However, most business owners are still not aware of the recent advancements in computer-aided designs and how such technologies allow business owners and project managers to plan visually stunning structures with enhanced functionality. Choose a trusted specialist like Chappell Building Systems and discover how they turn your vision into reality.
  3. Neglecting Codes and Permits: One of the first things you’ll need to do is obtaining the necessary permits from the concerned authorities and make sure that your building follows all such rules and regulations properly. Failing to obtain these permits when you start your project can result in a number of complications including penalties and even tearing down the whole structure.


If you’re looking for a company with expertise in commercial construction, industrial warehouse and steel buildings in Australia, visit Chappell Building Systems or just give us a call at 02 4959 3000 immediately.


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Warehouse Construction: 4 Reasons to Invest in Steel Buildings

warehouse construction


Steel is a great building material for warehouse construction and a number of other structures to suit a myriad of objectives. Apart from being highly durable and economical, steel buildings can provide you large open spaces with an amazing flexibility.

No wonder, steel buildings comprise more than 70 percent of new warehouse constructions in Australia today. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind this stupendous popularity of steel buildings in Australia.

  1. Steel Buildings Are Cost-Effective: Some of the ways in which steel proves to be more cost effective than other materials like wood are: they are faster to build; they have a lower labour cost and they have minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, insurance companies usually offer lower premiums for metal structures and that can help you make even more savings.
  2. Steel Buildings Are Strong and durable: it’s a common knowledge that steel buildings are resistant to pests, mould, mildew, fire and rot, but only few people know that these structures can also withstand seismic activity, heavy snow and high speed winds with aplomb.
  3. Optimal Usage of Space: Since there are almost negligible obstructions in a steel building, you’ll get more usage per square foot of your building. This will certainly impact your profits in a big way. These structures are durable yet light and that means they require lesser load bearing columns. This helps you to incorporate open clear span designs in your warehouse construction.
  4. Steel Buildings Are Flexible: Whether you want to choose a traditional office design or you’re looking for clear span space for your warehouse construction, steel buildings can deliver you unmatched results. Moreover, if you’re uncertain about the future of your company, a steel building is a great choice as you can easily change it to suit your changing business needs at any point of time.


The secret to enjoy these perks of steel buildings is to choose a trusted specialist like Chappell Building Systems. When you combine fully tailored designs, time-tested construction practices and top grade materials, you’ll get future-proof buildings that will stand the test of time. For more guidance on warehouse construction and steel buildings, get in touch with the experts at Chappell Building Systems today!


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Finding the Right Location for Your Warehouse Construction

Warehouse Construction


For a truly successful warehouse construction project, careful planning is required. In this regard, it is important that you choose the right location for your warehouse. Aside from the correct lot size, there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right location.


Availability of Skilled Workforce

As much as possible, you’ll want your warehouse to be in a place where there is available skilled workforce. This is because you’ll want to avoid having to hire people who live in far from your warehouse. This can be a costly affair—that is, sourcing skilled people from far places. Also, it will be much easier to find employees if they are living nearby.


Zoning Issues

There are some places where strict zoning rules are being implemented. This is not just during the warehouse construction stages, but also once it’s operational.

For example, there are regulations concerning noise levels. If residents near your warehouse start complaining about the noises your operations are generating, you’ll find yourself amidst tons of complaints or worse, being forced to shut down your warehouse. Another example is materials regulations. You may find that some zones don’t allow for the storage of certain materials, say chemicals.



Warehouses are usually used as storage spaces. This usually means that you will be transporting goods in and out of your warehouse constantly. For some, this may even be on a daily basis. This means you’ll have to think about the distance between your warehouse and your supplier. You also need to think about the distance between your warehouse and your customers.

As much as possible, you’ll want to stay within close proximity of these two. This can help you save a lot on transportation costs.



Speaking of transportation, make sure that you choose a location that is easily accessible by your logistics needs. For example, if most of your products will be coming in by ships, then you’ll want a place near the port. If it’s coming through land, then a place near the highway would be the better choice.

Getting a lot for your warehouse construction in a remote area may save you some cash upfront. But then the additional logistics cost will soon add up and be more expensive in the long run.

Finding the right location for your warehouse can be quite challenging sometimes. This is when you think about all the things that need to be considered such as those mentioned above. Thus, it would be wise to ask the help of a professional to make the decision-making process easier.


If you are looking for someone to help you with your warehouse construction, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are a commercial builder with the necessary experience and expertise in the construction of warehouses and steel frame buildings. Do call us up at 02 4959 3000 or leave a message in our contact page to learn more about our services.