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Whether you run a shopping centre, a mall or even a movie theatre, you will need to have ample parking space. No commercial construction project is complete without a carpark or garage. Having a parking lot in your facility can be an important element of your offline business. This is why commercial builders provide ample space for the construction of a workshop, when they design or develop a commercial or an industrial property.

Parking will be the first thing that customers experience when they visit your facility. In addition, it will be the last thing they experience when they leave your facility. As such, if they find the entire experience of parking their vehicle unpleasant, they might not consider returning. This is why it’s imperative to construct garages and carports where visitors can leave their vehicles in commercial, retail and industrial facilities. However, it is equally important to engage professional commercial building builders to give your facility the carpark or parking lot it sorely needs.


Why It Makes Sense to Utilise Our Construction Services

When it comes to commercial constructions in Australia, Chappell Building Services is the name to bank on. We have built our reputation by providing flexible and customised industrial and commercial building services. All our structures typically feature materials derived from controlled manufacturing processes such as precast concrete and pre-fabricated steel. These materials help in minimising construction timeframes. In addition, they enhance the security of the structure, while generating savings. We pre-engineer and fabricate structural steel to precision based on your requirements. Thereafter, we deliver this directly to your site for immediate construction.

Our staff have immense expertise in erecting concrete and steel buildings. The structures we build are suitable for a myriad of applications. We can develop your super fund investment property in accordance with your needs. In addition, we can give you a comprehensive range of designs and layouts regardless of the kind of structure you require. From warehouse construction to retail facilities, we can build any structure that you want. Similarly, if you want spacious and covered parking lots for managing your customers’ parking needs, we can design and construct your garage or workshop to perfection. Our extensive experience and unwavering focus on your specific requirements will ensure that we make your vision a reality.


The Types of Car Parking Structures We Can Erect

Not all garages and car parking lots are equal. As the property owner, you have the prerogative for determining how you want to utilise the space available. The business sector that you operate in as well as the facility where you operate from will typically influence the kind of car parking structure you need. For instance, if you’re operating a standalone shopping mall, you will require expansive parking space for vehicles. On the contrary, if you merely want a structure that can double up as a garage or a workshop based on your needs, a smaller structure will suffice.

As one of the top providers of precast concrete and prefab steel buildings, we can give you:

  • A diverse range of garages for accommodating one, two or several cars
  • Garages that can double up as storage spaces for trade equipment, landscaping equipment, metal storage etc.
  • Workshop structures that you could use as mechanical workshops, welding shops, woodworking shops, metal workshops, art studios, home offices etc.
  • Greenhouses and gardening structures
  • Aircraft hangars and aircraft parking ramps ideal for housing commercial aircraft, planes, gliders, helicopters etc.
  • Multistorey car park facilities for employees and customers alike that are essential in various commercial construction projects such as malls, shopping centres, commercial hubs housing multiple corporate offices etc.
  • Projects involving the construction of workshop or garage facilities large enough to accommodate heavy vehicles
  • Dedicated car park areas featuring parking bays, decking, crash barriers, roofing, galvanised steel frames etc.
  • Wash-down bays and facilities for vehicles
  • Metal carports where you could easily store your vehicles, campers, boats, equipment, travel trailers, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and fifth wheel campers
  • Steel frame buildings that you could use as auto repair shop buildings, auto and truck service shops etc.
  • Parking decks for rental car centres
  • Integrated parking decks
  • Truck and other heavy vehicle parking garages including trucking terminals, trailer storage facilities, distribution centres, semi-truck storage structures, over-the-road truck storage centres etc.
  • Multistorey car park facilities for customers, employees etc. and,
  • Underground car parking facilities


What Features Are You Looking for in Your Garages and Carports?

Inadequate parking space could leave your customers or employees frustrated. Similarly, poorly engineered parking lots could lead to the improper run-off of stormwater. This could affect the foundations of various adjoining structures. Moreover, it could shorten the lifespan of the parking area significantly. Avoid such issues by partnering with Chappell Building Systems. As one of the top commercial builders in Sydney, we can give you garages and parking lots that are not only durable and easy to maintain, but affordable as well. The parking lots and carports that we have erected typically feature:

  • Structures that meet or exceed all the prescribed building code requirements
  • Structures that can accommodate the tallest of motor homes and trucks
  • Galvanised frames that keep your steel buildings looking as elegant and attractive as possible for longer stretches of time
  • Parking facilities that can withstand extreme weather conditions, fire, rot and pest infestations
  • Structures with pre-fabricated components that feature a large proportion of recycled material
  • Energy-efficient and automated parking facilities
  • Car parks and garages tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • Facilities that are easy to maintain and clean
  • Prefab steel buildings that offer long-term durability and security
  • Structures offering unimpeded movement and easy entry & egress to the car park and the parking stalls and,
  • Vandal-resistant facilities


With Chappell Buildings Systems, you can get garages and carports that yield the best value for your money. Our car parks and parking facilities offer significant savings in terms of labour and material costs. In addition, we specialise in providing column-free parking space, which is ideal for long spans. Our structures are robust, yet lightweight. In addition, they are relatively faster to erect. Get a workshop or a car park that helps enhance your business. Collaborate with us to forge a relationship that is as long-lasting as our steel frame buildings.